Scorpion Queen

A love story between a girl named Jaden and Scorpius Malfoy. Jaden has a lot of problems, Her father only cares about his job, she's failing muggle studies, she has detention from blowing up half the classroom in potions class. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good things about Jaden's life. But there is only one perfect thing, Scorpius Malfoy


2. Platform Nine and Three Quarters

        Jaden sat in the backseat of her mother's pickup truck. The butterflies in her stomach were beating their wings violently. Her heart was beating as if it was trying to break through her chest. "You okay, Jaden?" her mother asked in a concerned tone. Jaden shook her head yes, and continued to look out the window. "Don't worry Jaden when your father and I went to Hogwarts we had the best times of our lives, didn't we dear?" Her father who was staring off into space answered, "Yeah, sure." For, he wasn't listening, because his job at the Ministry always had him over whelmed. "Don't worry mother, I'm fine." Of course Jaden lied, to be honest she was more nervous and scared than ever before. "Just remember to have fun." her mother ended with, and Jaden just shook Her head. She glanced out the window and saw the gigantic train station. Her mother parked the truck and grabbed Jaden's luggage from the back. Jaden slowly unbuckles Her seatbelt and opens up the door. She climbs out and helps her mother with her bags. Her Barn Owl, Jasper, was making lots of noises, that didn't even sound like the stereotypical "Who". Jaden shushed him and continued unloading the luggage onto the cart. "Well, that's all off it. Harold are coming to wish you daughter away to Hogwarts?" her mother asked. "No Linda." her farther said in a tone that made her mother frown. "Come on Jaden, we cannot be late." 

       Hogwarts Express was one of the most brilliant things Jaden has ever seen. She loves everything about it, how families from all over the world and gather here to educate their kids, and how this was the beginning of all the first years future. It was all bloody brilliant. Although Jaden knew much about the history of Hogwarts, she was oblivious of the secrets the future held. 

        "I love you so much, I'll write to you twice a week or more." her mother said with a smile. Jaden smiled back and saw tears in her mother's eyes. "I love you too mum." Jaden assured her. Jaden started to blush because now Jaden's mother's makeup was running down her face. Jaden's mother kissed Jaden on the forehead and smiled. "Goodbye Jaden, now you stay out of trouble." her mother said in a more of a happy tone. "I can't promise you that" Jaden joked. Her mother motioned her to go aboard the train. As Jaden climbed aboard the the Hogwarts Express, the butterflies in her stomach disappeared. Her smiled at her mom and turned to her future of Magic.

She walked down the isle with caution, She didn't want to make a fool of herself in the first minute. There were groups of people in each section of the train, they were huddle close and all had some sort of relationship with each other. Which ment they weren't first years. The farther back you got in the train the more first years you saw. Most of them kept to themselves and sat in the corner. Some of them were very social, Jaden suspected pure-bloods because of there confidence in their blood status. But that may be wrong. Jaden saw herself confident, humorous, a little bit of a prankster, and kind. But she wasn't sure what others thought. She kept on walking by compartments that were empty. Then in one, there was a first year that had slicked back blonde hair. The butterflies returned to Jaden's stomach. She smiled and he smiled back. "Is anyone sitting here?" Jaden asked. "Why yes actually, I'm quite sorry." Jaden blushed. She continued walking, "Hi!" Jaden turned, there was a girl with a short black bob, "Hi." Jaden sat down next to her. "Hi my names Sara, what yours?" she held out her hand. "Jaden" and they shook. "Hey, did you see that kid with the blonde hair about four compartments down. Jaden hopes that her new friend would say something like, "Yes, he was so cute." or "Yeah, he was nice" anything but what she said. "Scorpios Malfoy? Yeah, isn't he the suposed to be you-know-who's son?"


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