One Year Too Short

When one move leads to many others. 16-year-old girl called Milly moves to a new apartment in London and finds herself being swept into the arms of charming Harry Styles. Things get heated and a fling turns to a strong love.


3. Rise and Shine


I woke to the sound of London at it's busiest, I stretched and looked around and saw a girl so beautifulI I gasped. Oh my god, what is she doing in my bed, oh no I have forgotten her name, I must have been so drunk last night. I felt so bad, what was I thinking she looks about 16. I looked down and sighed, why did I have to get so upset about the fight between me a Taylor and go get drunk and sleep with a random girl. Wait, Taylor, if she found out she would be so mad. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the door locking it just in case she came barging in like she always does. When I turned around I saw her, the girl rubbing her eyes and stretching, man she was so cute.

"Good morning," I said, smiling wishing I knew her name. "Yeah, good morning" she replied. "Did you sleep well?" I asked. She didn't reply but sat down on the sofa and yawned, "what's your name" she asked. Thank god she didn't remember my name too, but how come she didn't recognise me as Harry Styles from One Direction. "Oh I'm Harry Styles" I muttered not wanting to ruin the great time we were having. "Really?" she said, "well anyway, I'm Milly".

Oh I remeber now, she is the girl next door and I also remebered what happened in the halway yesterday. Oh man Harry, smart move. I'm such an idiot.

"Oh, by the way, sorry for what happened in the hall yesterday, I.....I....wasn't my self". I muttered the last part and stared at the floor. As I was looking at the floor Milly raised my head with one finger so that I was staring into her beautiful face and pecked me on the lips before grabing her gown and leaving through the door, clicking it shut behind her.

I slumped on the coach feeling buterflies in my stomach, like never before and thinking of the girl across the hall.




so sorry I havn't updated in ages but I have been so bussy lately that I just havn't had time, be sure to keep up to dat because I will post some more!!!!!!!!


Hope you like it ;3


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