One Year Too Short

When one move leads to many others. 16-year-old girl called Milly moves to a new apartment in London and finds herself being swept into the arms of charming Harry Styles. Things get heated and a fling turns to a strong love.


2. Come In


It was dark outside and night had fallen, but I couldn't sleep so I went into the hallway and knocked on the door with the number 1 on it. I was cold and I was only in my dressing gown that exposed my body. I was wearing a black bra and black lace panties. The door in front of me clicked open and the boy from earlier that day stood in the doorway framed by the pale glow of moonlight, he had not top on and no pants. He stood there wearing only his white Calvin Klein boxers and his penis was massive. He looked at me with lust in his eyes and said "what brings you hear". "I thought I should introduce myself" I said in a sexy, playful voice. "well then I'm Harry Styles, what is your name baby girl?" I bit my lower lip and replied "Milly", "well then" he said "you better come in".


I followed harry into his apartment and looked around, where was he taking me? Then I realised as we walked into his bedroom. It was large with a massive glass wall facing his bed that overlooked the whole of London. Opposite the glass was his large white double bed. Without warning harry came up behind me and picked me up and lay me down on the bed. What was happening, I was only 16 and still a virgin, I wasn't ready for sex, but harry didn't seem to care. He started to kiss and suck my neck and I let a small moan escape my mouth, he only moved down towards my breasts. He started playing with my bulging breasts and slowly unclasped my bra from the back. My black bra fell away and left my breasts exposed. Harry started sucking on my nipples and softly biting them, this time my moan was louder and Harry only bit harder.

He let his bottom lip trail around my breasts before licking down my stomach towards my vagina. He was growing ever closer and I was reaching my climax. Then sudenly he pulled away and riped off his boxed showing is hard penis. It was huge and before I knew it he slammed into me and pulled out again. I screamed and he only thrust harder. "Nooooo" I said and I felt my self close to cumming. "I'm about to cum, stop" I screamed. "Why I'm not done", he stuttered. All of a suddent he reached my g spot and I screamed and maoned so loud I would be surprise if the whole of England heard me. "Fuck your amazing" Harry muttered, and just like that it was over.

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