Aviva [Winner in the Bandoms Category for Battle of the Fandoms, 2016]

"Why do you like being alone? You don't rehearse with your band, you avoid your agent, and you fly the bird like it's nobody's business. At your FANS," Niall said, sipping from his milkshake. I stared into his eyes, studying his bleach blond hair before twirling the straw around in my root-beer. "Because the lone survivor lasts," I whispered. "If you're alone, who can hurt ya?"


5. Aviva




I jumped into One Direction's limo, shoving Niall and Harry over to the other side so that I could have the whole seat to myself.

Niall had found Liam raiding my fridge, I had pulled Louis out of the guest room ("Hey! Those sheets were comfortable, what the freak?") and Harry had walked out of my bathroom, running one of my many combs through his crazy hair. After some convincing from Niall and some cursing from me, they finally walked over to the driveway, following me with slumping shoulders.

The limo pulled forward, and sped down the abandoned rose, occasionally pausing to make sure that the car wouldn't hit a deer. We turned on the car lights, pushing the seats back for leg room. 

"Did Garrison even put up a fight about you wanting the keys?" I pondered that question for a moment, stretching my feet across the seat. Just then realizing that I was still in my pajamas, I reached into my purse (who leaves their purse at home? I'm not as stupid as I look) and took out my extra dress that I always packed in. "Did he even know who you are?"

"No. His wife did. His dog seemed pretty happy about us being there, too," Harry said, combing his hair again. I'd allowed him to keep the comb. 

"Madeline is not his wife, yet," I said, sitting up. "That's why we're going over there. To talk to him about not banning me from his wedding. Also, I have some gloves in here, to protect my knuckles from his face when I punch the living daylights out of him."

"For being a former Disney starlet, you have some wildness in you."

"Unfortunately for the producers of Anita and Addie." I crossed my arms. It'd been eight years since my show ended. It'd been about a girl, Anita, whose widowed, small-town mother had married a director. They moved to Hollywood, where Anita, with no friends, had gotten a dog, Addie. Addie got her into a lot of trouble, and helped her make friends.

A bit of a sparkly turn on Because of Winn-Dixie, in my opinion. But then again, I've only seen the movie. 

I hadn't liked it until the sixth season. The producer kept trying to control me; in fact, one bad move that I made on the fourth season nearly ended my career. I'd come back from the salon with pink hair, and shown up at a party with such a "small dress" on that the director considered throwing me out of the whole picture and ending the show. 

But with a little help from Sterling (the only thing he's good at is getting me out of a pickle) I was able to keep the show. It paid off, I suppose. I kept getting more and more popular, and earned so much money that I was able to build my house. Start my singing career. 

I only got more wild as the show went on, though. Sterling had to get me out of a lot of trouble.


"Unfortunately for everyone who watched the last season, the true you came out." I flipped off whoever had said it - I wasn't paying attention, anymore - and turned my head to the window. We'd reached Dublin, and I could see people walking along the streets. We'd be nearing Garrison's apartment, soon. 

"Did you even hear my question, you guys? Did he even put up a fight/know who you are?"

"Madeline - that's her name, right? - explained it all. I mean, she explained us. She used to be a Directioner." Liam tapped his finger on the tanned leather seats. 

"Still is, if you see her wardrobe," I muttered. 

Liam rolled his eyes, and Louis answered my other question, rubbing his eyes, "And he was fine with it. A bit drunk, I think."

"I can't believe it!" I shrieked. "He tells me not to drink, and then he's tipsy! It's like Wild Rover's all over again!" 

"Oh, you like Wild Rover's?" Niall asked. "My favorite bar."

"Well, lots has changed since you stepped foot in there. They have a waitress, my brother's ex-girlfriend, Everlee, and she has some problems with me." I snapped my fingers. "And she's such a hypocrite! She has a best friend who works there, too, Friare, and she is drunk while working. Never kicks her out. At least I wait until after a concert to drink."

Niall seemed stunned into silence. Harry, however, had the nerve to say, "You're absolutely insane."

"Go talk to the press, then. They agree." I turned back to the window, blinking as the lights from cars flashed through the glass. "Before we go in, I need to change clothes. Madeline and I have competitions with outfits, and I'm not going in with this." I motioned to my messy bun hair, and cool-green pajama shorts and shirt.

They all rolled their eyes. 

The limo pulled to a stop in front of my brother's building. "Get out." I opened the door, and kicked them out one by one onto the sidewalk. Diving into the trunk, I changed into ripped skinny jeans and a bright pink shirt. Leaving my bunny slippers on, I joined them on the sidewalk. 

"We'll call you when we get back out!" I called to the limo driver, who nodded, and turned up the radio. 




I knocked on the door, my other hand on my hip. My brother's building was surprisingly cold, and I was slightly ticked that I had to go here at 3:00 a.m. But I never missed a chance to go to a wedding (I've been invited to quite a few) and if I was banned from my own brother's, then I was going to talk to him about it.

And punch his mouth when he tried to defend himself.

Aren't I a nice person?

After a minute, Garrison opened the door, in his boxers, rubbing his eyes tiredly. 

And I kicked him in the place where the sun don't shine. With my bunny slippers. 

This was a new low. 

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