Poem- Alice In Madness

This is a poem about the main female protagonist, Alice Anne, Arlington. An innocent schoolgirl who is raped, And after a sudden unexpected traumatizing chain of events, She becomes a schizophrenic psychopath, And seeks brutal vengeance against her rapist, And others among the guilty.


1. Poem- Alice In Madness

My innocent essence is no longer in presence.

My innocence used to be my form of defense.

Until, The day my innocence was taken away from me.

The day when that man had raped me.

The day when that man had taken everything I loved away from me.

The day when that man had caused bloodshed, Is when I began to hear voices in my head.

After that day, I always held a knife next to me in bed. 

In my parent's final moments, I made a vow.

I thoroughly plan to carry it out as of now.

One part of me is broken, While the other part of me remains unbroken.

I am not mistaken.

After that day, My perception of reality began to blur.

In my world of paper flowers.

Once your world's been shattered, It's now or never.

I play the role of Judge, Jury, And Executioner.

Alice, Why do you always have to be so malice?

Can't you just go back to playing with your dolls, And live in your pretty little palace?

Are you tired of having to go back to being plastic?

I believe that term you just used was rather drastic.

Do you desire to be called by your title?

I believe I am entitled.

After all of the blood that you have spilled, Are you fulfilled?

I can't ever be satisfied, Are you fulfilled after asking me all of these questions?

Madness consuming my soul.

Am I even myself anymore?

Everything takes it's toll.

Did that man enjoy seeing me cry?

  Black mascara rolling down my eyes.

My sanity has withered away, And now I am in dismay.

I'll be there every step of the way........... 

To make that man pay!

















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