The Woman with Two Souls (Harry Potter's Twin)

Okay, I know there's a million of these, but I thought I'd try it out. Sounds fun. BTW, I'm terrible at descriptions. It'll be better than this description makes it sound. Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. But nobody knows the story of his twin sister, Nicole. What if Sirius wasn't put in Azkaban? What if Peter was in Azkaban? What if Harry and Nicole went to live with Sirius, and had happy lives while him and Remus spoiled them?


17. The Third Floor

Niki loved Hogwarts, but her time there was going by very quickly. Soon it was the first day of the Christmas holiday, and only a few people were staying. Niki and Harry had decided to stay at Hogwarts for their first Christmas there, and Ron was staying with them.
"Harry?" Niki asked. "The first prank on Malfoy happened months ago. When are you going to do the next one? What's it gonna be? Malfoy's freaking out, and he's becoming paranoid."
"In order for me to know how hard on him to be, you have to tell me exactly what he said." Harry replied, looking up.
Niki relayed everything to him, and Hermione and Ron joined them around halfway. She was reaching the end, when she stopped.
"I think he said something else..." she said, thinking hard. "Oh! He said, 'Too bad they didn't have a Sorcerer's Stone like Dumbledore does now!'"
Hermione dropped the books she'd just picked up. "Dumbledore has a Sorcerer's Stone?" she shrieked. 
"If you believe Malfoy." Ron pointed out.
"Well, there's one way to find out." Niki said. "Let's go have a look around the third floor."
"I can't believe you talked me into this." Hermione hissed.
"Well, neither can I, honestly." Niki agreed from under the invisibility cloak.
"Where did you get this cloak, anyway?" Ron asked.
"Padfoot." Harry said. "It was our father's. Now, we have to be quiet, or we'll be caught."
The group of four moved as silently as they could. It was difficult, since they barely fit under the cloak, with four of them.
"Here we are." Niki whispered. She reached out and turned the handle of the door to the forbidden corridor. Pulling it open, the quartet move inside and quietly closed it before turning around.
And almost passing out. There, in front of them, was a massive three-headed dog. It started barking, growling, and snapping, trying to find where the source of the smell was coming from. The four children screamed four, blood-curdling screams before scrambling to the door, trying to wrench it open. Finally, they stepped out into a different corridor, and were safe.


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