The Woman with Two Souls (Harry Potter's Twin)

Okay, I know there's a million of these, but I thought I'd try it out. Sounds fun. BTW, I'm terrible at descriptions. It'll be better than this description makes it sound. Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. But nobody knows the story of his twin sister, Nicole. What if Sirius wasn't put in Azkaban? What if Peter was in Azkaban? What if Harry and Nicole went to live with Sirius, and had happy lives while him and Remus spoiled them?


24. The Battle with Voldemort. Or, Dragione?

Dragione waved her wand and Harry was bound, too. She walked towards him, and touched the tip of her wand to his forehead, then to hers, all the while muttering under her breath. A smoke-like figure moved from Dragione's body to Harry's, and the woman was left to die on the ground. The robes holding Harry dissolved into dust, and he stood. 

"Come, then, Nicole." Voldemort's voice said. "Come now. Kill him, and you'll kill me. Haven't you heard the prophesy about your brother? 'Neither can live while the other survives.' Both of us must die, why not do it now? Just get it over and done with." 

Niki's vision was starting to go red. Literally. Her hands began shaking, and her hair levitated off her shoulders, surrounded by a purple glow. Her feet left the ground. Instead of letting it explode out of her like it had before, she directed it towards the red eyes shining out of Harry's body. A jet of purple light went into his eyes, and Voldemort's voice screamed from within Harry. The ghost-like figure fell out of Harry's body and dissipated. Harry's eyes returned to brilliant green as Hermione screamed through her bounds. Niki dropped back to the ground, her vision returning to normal. The last thing she saw before blacking out was the bindings on Hermione dropping, and her and an old man with long, silver hair rushing towards her and Harry. 

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