The Woman with Two Souls (Harry Potter's Twin)

Okay, I know there's a million of these, but I thought I'd try it out. Sounds fun. BTW, I'm terrible at descriptions. It'll be better than this description makes it sound. Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. But nobody knows the story of his twin sister, Nicole. What if Sirius wasn't put in Azkaban? What if Peter was in Azkaban? What if Harry and Nicole went to live with Sirius, and had happy lives while him and Remus spoiled them?


1. Pranking the Pranksters

"Harry!" Eleven year old Nicole Potter screeched, directly into the ear of her sleeping brother.

Harry sat up, shouting something incomprehensible. Looking around, he saw his twin sister standing next to his bed, laughing so hard she had to hold on to the bedposts to stay upright. "What?" He yelled at her, angry and slightly humiliated.

"Just thought you'd like to know it's our birthday today!" Nicole said, smiling innocently up at him. 

"Really? You give me permanent hearing damage to tell me something I already know?" Harry asked, glaring at her.

"Yes." Nicole said, as if this was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. 

Harry's anger was fading. "Niki, one day I'm going to get you back. One of these days, I'm going to make you wish you'd never pranked me." 

"Well, how about you put those feelings aside and help me prank Moony and Padfoot so hard they cry?" Niki asked, brushing her gently red hair out of her eyes.

Nicole, or Niki, as she generally went by, had red hair, but not Weasley red. It was a gentle, dark red that looked very pretty next to her green eyes. She had small bangs, but only on one side, that she always positioned so that it covered up her scar. This scar and their eyes were the only things that Harry and Niki had in common. 

"Do you really want to prank the master pranksters?" Harry asked skeptically. 

"Yes. And once they know the kind of things we do, they'll never prank us again!" Niki declared triumphantly. 

"Oh really?" Harry asked, amused.

"Yes." Niki said simply. "Oh, I've already started. Do you want me to tell Padfoot that you pranked him and Moony because you actually did, or because I'm not taking their retaliation alone?" 

"That's blackmail!" Harry exclaimed, although he was now really amused. "Fine, I'll help. What have you already done?"

"I've put a whoopee cushion on their chairs." Niki said.

"Seriously? That's your master plan?" Harry asked. 

"Well, that's part of it. The point is to make them think we're terrible pranksters, so that they let their guard down. Then, we hit them so hard their eyes are watering from pain for a week." Niki said.

"Nicole Potter, remind me never to get on your bad side." Harry said, shaking his head. 

"Yeah, well anyway, let's get started. The main event doesn't happen until this evening." Niki said. She had a look in her eyes that she only got when she knew that she was going to win any battle that followed, well, whatever she'd done to instigate a battle.

NHNHNHNH (A/N: NH stands for Nicole Harry. I just repeated that several times.)

"Hey, Padfoot, sit down." Niki said. Sirius made to sit down in Harry's chair.

"No, not there! Sit here." Harry said, pointing at Sirius's chair.

"Why?" Sirius asked.

"Because, uh, that's my chair! This is your chair." Harry said. 

Sirius and Remus both sat down, and at the same time, a loud farting noise issued from both of their chairs. Harry and Niki started laughing. Even though this was a lame prank, it was still funny. 

"Really, you two? A whoopee cushion? Am I that terrible of a teacher?" Sirius asked. 

"I guess you are." Niki said. After they ate, talking and laughing together as they did every morning, Harry and Niki ran upstairs to Harry's room.

"Wow, Niki. Even Sirius thought it was lame, and he's the king of lame jokes." Harry said. 

"Yeah, well, he won't still think we're lame at pranking tonight." Niki said. "Now, once our Hogwarts letters get here, hide one of them. Then we'll tell Sirius that one of us didn't get into Hogwarts." 

"Which one of us doesn't make it?" Harry asked.

"I was going to let you pick." Niki said.

"You don't get into Hogwarts, okay? Your accidental magic has been a lot more subtle than mine have." Harry said.

"True." Niki said, nodding. "Here's an idea. What if we make fake letters from Durmstrang? Then you get into Hogwarts, but Hogwarts rejected me and I'm going to Durmstrang instead?" 

"Oh, they'll go insane at that! Oh, and look, here come two owls..." Harry said, pointing out the window. Niki opened the glass and waved them inside. 

"Here they are! 'Niki Potter, second room on the right, Number 12, Grimmauld Place, London!" Niki sqealed. 

Okay, so lets write the fake Durmstrang letter!" Harry said. Quickly, they wrote the letter, and placed Niki's Hogwarts letter into her pocket, so she could show it to them after they were completely distressed.

"Moony! Padfoot!" Harry shouted, racing down the stairs, Niki on his heels. "Guess what? My Hogwarts letter just came!" 

"That's briiliant Harry!" Sirius shouted. 

"What about you, Niki?" Remus asked.

"Uh, I didn't get one." Niki said.

"But you're holding a letter." Remus said, at the same time Sirius yelled, "WHAT?"

"Oh, yeah, uh, here." Niki said, handing them the fake letter. 

Sirius grabbed it, read the envelope, looked as though he didn't believe a word of it, and ripped it open.

The liquid that's inside gobstones squirted both Remus and Sirius in the face. 

"What?" Sirius sputtered. Remus just laughed. 

"Clever, you two. Really clever. Okay, where's Niki's real letter?" Remus asked. 

"I dunno, I really didn't get one." Niki said, her face falling most convincingly. Harry, playing along, said,

"You can share mine." He offered. Niki gave him a death glare when Sirius and Remus weren't looking. 

"I'm writing to Dumbledore! No, forget that, I'm writing to the Minister!" Sirius yelled. Niki was hiding her laughter much better than Harry was. Seeing this, Remus figured out it was a prank. His wink at Niki told them that, but he decided to let it play out. 

"Sirius, the Minister has no control over who Hogwarts admits." He said.  

"Fine. I'll write to Dumbledore. He'd better have an explanation!" Sirius said in a dangerous tone. He pulled out ink and parchment and muttered as he wrote:

Albus Dumbledore,
How could you not admit Niki into Hogwarts? She is most definitely a witch. What are you playing at? I'll come up to that school and make you admit her. I'm not afraid to use any means possible. You better write back right now. 

Sirius walked into the living room, sealing the letter into an envelope as he did so. He pulled out some Floo powder and dropped in into the fire. "Dumbledore's office, Hogwarts!" He shouted, and dropped the letter into it. Only about five minutes later, a letter came back out of the fireplace. Sirius ripped it open and read it aloud.

Sirius, I really have no idea what you are talking about. We sent Nicole and Harry both letters earlier today. I don't know why she didn't recieve hers, but we sent it. If you would like, we could send her another one, or if she would prefer she could just use Harry's booklist.
I say again, I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry about whatever happened. 

Professor Dumbledore

Sirius looked up at Harry and Niki, who were both about to burst from holding in laughter. "Okay, you two, what's up?" 

"The sky." Niki promptly replied.

"Very funny." Sirius said, glaring at her. Under her gaurdian/dad/uncle/who knows what's glare, Niki pulled out her Hogwarts letter.

"It arrived this morning. With Harry's." Niki said, then burst out laughing. The look on Sirius's face was priceless! 

"Did you know about this, Remus?" Sirius demanded.

"Not until I saw Harry and Niki laughing in the kitchen. I decided to see how far they would take it." Remus replied. Sirius looked livid. "Seriously, Sirius, lighten up. You've pranked them tons of times. This was actually really funny!" 

Finally, Sirius started to laugh. "Okay, okay, it was pretty funny. It was mean, though! If I had tried, would you have let me write to the Minister?"

"Yes." Niki said. This made the group of four start laughing even harder. 

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