Something sticky happens to Lily Luna Potter during her fifth year, she has a fight with her boyfriend and uses a Time Turner to reverse it, but she went a bit too far back in time, back to the era of The Marauders.
She forgets who she is, and falls in love with someone she knew her father cared deeply about.
Meanwhile, Harry learns of his daughter's disappearance, and decides to look for her.


5. Shopping

That night, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Lily, stayed in the same room, it was a guest room, the only one available.

Harry woke up to someone tapping him, it was Lily.

"Dad?" She whispered.

"Yea?" Harry replied.

"Will we go back home?"

"Of course"

"Your 14 again, how does it feel?"

"Strange, we need to go to Hogwarts, so I will have to repeat school, but I'm ahead, by years"

"Obviously, your like 30"

"Hey, missy, don't be cheeky"

"Also, when we get to Hogwarts, can I call you Harry?"

"Ok, but only until we get back"

"Ok, night Dad"


Then they both fell asleep, waiting for a surprise in the morning, a very big one, but that later, it's only 4 O' Clock.


Hermione and Ron woke first, it was five days till Hogwarts, they put on their outfits and went outside the room for breakfast.

Then it was Harry, who woke Lily next, they joined in with breakfast when Sirius's mother had an interesting fact for them.

"I'm afraid, you cannot go to Hogwarts, Harry, Lily, Ron or Hermine" She said.

(Yes, I spelt it wrong, on purpose)

"What!" Harry said, gobsmacked.

"Well, you are from the future, you can't just show up at a school, no reason" she said.

"Your right, Kingsley explained this to me, the authority, would be hesitant"

"And what did he say?"

"To give this to Dumbledore"


"A memory, for his pensive, explainimg everything"

"Fine, but once your kicked out, you can stay at James's house"



That day, they went to diagon alley to shop for books, the books they already had were to, futuristic. And they picked up somethings else too, James wanted to look at the newest broom, the Star_Twister 1900, a broom that was as quick as quick snitch.

So him and Harry went to browse the new broom, Ron and Hermione went shopping, and Sirius walked around with Lily.


At the broom shop,

"200 Galleons, what a broom though" James said enthusiastically.

"Theres a broom from the future faster then this, it was a huge advantage while playing" Harry said.

"You play, awesome, what as?"

"Seeker, like you"

"Cool, just don't steal my spot, or your dead"

"I am from the future, as an adult, that completed Hogwarts, I think I'll win"

"Well, either way, I'm better at it than you"

"I joined the team on my first year, by being a rebel"

"Well, you can't have everything"

"Like 30,000 galleons, to by this broom for family"

"Really, seriously?"

"Yea, of course"

So Harry bought him the broom, and James, was just a happy soul, the broom was the fastest on the market, like the firebolt from the future. Plus, Harry wanted to see him happy, this is a once in a lifetime thing, seeing your dead dad as a teen, or just seeing dead family alive.


Shopping with Ron and Hermione,

They were non-stop, from one shop to another, buying all sorts, sweets, school supplies, they even went to the pet store.

"Ron, what are you looking at?" Hermione asked.

"A pet, reminds me of Scabbers, uh, Peter" He replied.

"How about we get a pet, for us, we'll bring it back to the future"

"Isn't that a muggle movie?"

"Yes actually"

"Oh animal, how about an owl?"

"Well, we didn't grow up with one or a good one, why not?"

"This one, with the brown-lined, white feathers, and big, sparkly eyes?"

"He's beautiful"

So they bought him and call him swoosh, such a creative name.


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