Aida Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

Transferring from their home on Mars, best friends Isla and Anise arrive on Aida, hopeful and eager. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but soon meets someone who can help her discover her destiny, and Anise finally feels like she can truly be who she is.

Alongside their new friends and mentors, Lisa and Mira, Aida's latest arrivals quickly adjust to their new lives, beginning their ascent to idolhood. And along the way, they might both find some new and exciting interests on the side...

Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed lesbian romance novel serial with some 10 books planned, and probably more. This is the free version of the full book and includes everything except the explicit ero scenes, those are mentioned but not directly shown.

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25. Chapter 25

  Later that evening, Isla was interrupted by an annoyingly happy chime in her room. She opened the connecting door to see her best friend. “Hey. What’s up?”

  Anise beamed. “Nothing’s up, just want to spend some more time with you. How was your weekend?” She invited herself inside and sat on the bed.

  Isla joined her. “Oh… right, we’ve not actually spoken about that yet, haha. And great! Met a couple of new friends, learned some new things. My legs are still killing me after all the running on the first day, though.”

  “New friends, you say?” Anise said, ingratiatingly brushing shoulders.

  “I suspect you’ll be idolgasming over Eva, yes,” Isla muttered. She described her two new friends.

  “Aaah, Evangeline sounds amazing! Introduce me, Isla!”

  “Sure, maybe in a day or two.”

  Anise leaned sideways to rest her head on her friend’s shoulder. “That was such an amazing weekend, seriously. Lisa is amazing. Slogh’s a lovely place. And I met a real princess!”

  “You did?”

  “Yep! First Princess of Gran Manillo, Keliana. She’s amazing as well, everyone’s amazing! Aida is amazing!”

  “Haven’t seen you slip into an idolgasm this strong in a while. Kinda missed it, to be honest.”

  “Plenty more where that came from!”

  “I’m sure,” Isla said, fully aware of the various depths her best friend could draw from. “So if I’m introducing you to Millie and Eva, you’ll be introducing me to Keliana, right?”

  “Of course! I think she’s coming back soon, but she didn’t say exactly when.”

  “That’s okay, I—mmph!”

  Isla was cut short thanks to finding an additional tongue in her mouth. Anise pushed her flat, kissing for all she was worth. Her hands slid up under Isla’s loose T-shirt, stroking her silky smooth skin and lingering around the bra.

  Managing to fend her friend off for long enough to speak, Isla giggled. “You weren’t joking earlier, were you?”


  “You promised things would happen?”

  “Oh! Yeah, um… having a hard time holding back now we’re alone, haha…”

  Isla gently pushed her friend off and sat up, reaching over to the drawer in her desk. “I figured not rushing things would be best, but screw that, I can’t wait any longer either.”

  “Isla?” Anise said, raising her eyebrows in some minor shock at how forceful her friend suddenly seemed. Her excitement levels shot up precipitously, and they had already been hovering somewhere around the stratosphere as it was.

  Turning away from the desk, Isla held out a small box, around six inches square and two deep in a sky blue colour. “Here, for you. A special… present. Yes.”

  Anise giggled at her friend’s flushed cheeks. “Why do I get the feeling I’m going to love you even more in the near future?”

  Isla avoided eye contact. “I wonder…”

  Anise opened the box and stared at the contents. A charcoal pair of pants with an oddly chromatic effect to them. And a matching bra. But something about the pants seemed… different. “Are these…?” She turned them this way and that, eyes wide.

  Isla coughed. “Um… yeah, Mira’s. Mira’s pants. And her bra. Ahem.”


  Isla issue a second cough, her cheeks glowing brightly enough to be classified as a new star. “There’s a bit more than just that…”


  “Mm…” Isla leaned over to whisper, “Mira might’ve, you know, enjoyed herself while wearing them. Last night. With me.”

  “…!” Anise’s voice went. She was shocked into abject silence.

  “I figured you’d like them,” Isla said, giggling at Anise’s vacant expression.

  “God yes, it’s the best present, thank you, Isla!” Anise said, coming back from her catastrophic idolgasm and throwing her arms around her friend.

  Isla looked shifty. “Well, maybe not the best present.”


  Inhaling deeply, Isla closed her eyes, nodded once, and ejected three simple words from her mouth, three words that she knew would make her friend cry. “I love you!” She opened her eyes to see that, yes, her best friend now had tears in her eyes.

  “I’m sorry for taking so long to notice your feelings. I can be a bit dense sometimes, you know that better than anyone, hehe…” Isla took her friend’s hand in her own. “I trust you with my life, Anise, I trust that we can work through absolutely anything and everything together. So…”

  “So…?” Anise croaked, her face effectively little more than two beautiful waterfalls of happy tears.

  “Will you go out with me?” Isla asked.

  Anise cried harder than ever before, so incredibly happy and blessed that she wanted to have the moment itself framed and put on the wall. “Yes! I want to be yours forever!” She threw her arms around Isla. “I love you, too, Isla!”

  Pulling away, they stared at each other for a time, still teary-eyed, smiling perpetually and wondering how they had managed to reach this point, before bursting into laughter. They settled again, embracing tightly and enjoying the moment.

  “So come on, tell me about last night. I know it’s probably a weird time to ask, but I want to know how you ended up stealing Mira’s pants!” Anise said, her voice filled with naughty enthusiasm.

  “Jeez, we’ve just got together and you want to know about that?” Isla laughed, then gave as much of an accurate picture as she could, given the current state of her mind.

  Anise grinned. “Oh, so you’ve been enjoying some delicious mutual masturbation as well, huh? Good, isn’t it?”

  “You, too?” Isla asked, mildly ashamed at probing her new girlfriend’s sexual activities with Lisa… despite said girlfriend having started it.

  “Yep! Wouldn’t mind trying something like that with you one day soon… along with a whole bunch of other things!”

  “How about right now?” Isla suggested.

  They stared at each other for a few seconds, silent, smiling, wondering who’d make the first move. As it turned out, Isla snapped first and hastily struggled out of her clothes, followed in short order by her girlfriend until they were both down to just their underwear.

  The moment they were, Isla was under assault; Anise clearly couldn’t hold her own raging passions in check any longer either, so she immediately went to town, kissing and touching and fondling, before throwing her friend onto the bed.

  Anise surveyed her girlfriend’s perfection. Petite, cute, gorgeous, sexy, adorable, all of the above… she could barely think of enough adjectives to adequately cover how much she loved her best friend and her tight little body. Taking a run to her own room, she whipped her camera out of its usual hiding place in the desk, then returned.

  She snapped some pictures of a near-naked and very embarrassed Isla. “Hope you don’t mind!”

  “Anise…” Isla said, crossing her arms over her modest breasts. She figured now might be a good time to prod her friend over her picture taking habits. “You take a lot of pictures of idols, huh? How much of that is your love of idols? And how much is your love of girls?”

  Anise stopped flashing for long enough to consider her response. “Probably fifty-fifty?” she said, rolling the camera around in her hands and staring at the ceiling.

  Isla stared. “I don’t believe that for a second!”

  “Aha, yeah, you’re right. I love both, but idols are the higher of the two.”

  “Oh? Hmm, but idols are also girls, and girls are also idols. So wouldn’t that mean you love both at one-hundred percent?”

  Pointing a finger, Anise nodded. “I hadn’t thought of it like that! Yeah, it’s pointless separating the two, they’re one and the same. So I was right the first time, I like them equally!”

  Isla paused. Her friend was exactly correct and Isla had lost that by trying to be too clever. “Okay, that was your win. What is it about idols that you like so much?”

  “Everything! There are so many types! So many wonderful hairstyles, body types and shapes, different skin colours, voices, personalities, aaah… everything! Everything about them is lovely! Idols really get my juices flowing!”

  Isla felt her girlfriend probably wasn’t being figurative with that statement. “Can I see your pictures sometime?” she asked, taking a pose for her photographer.

  Said photographer returned to idolgasming while snapping picture after picture as her lover – now a bit more relaxed and happy to play along – posed for her. “Uh, sure, I guess that’s fine…” She held the camera up to her face in an effort to hide her expression.

  This intrigued Isla. “I spy a guilty conscience…”

  “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Anise said, avoiding the accusing gaze to the best of her ability.

  “How many pictures of me have you taken without me realising?”

  Anise froze. “One or two?” she said in a careful tone, though she knew she wasn’t going to get away without showing her camera’s memory, along with all the private folders she had on her phone. Password protected, naturally.

  Isla’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “I detect a colossal untruth.”

  Anise sighed and pushed Isla down onto the bed full-length, lying beside her and bringing the camera up to eye level so they could both view the screen on the reverse. “I can’t hide anything from you, can I?”

  Isla gave an indulgent smile and swiped the camera. She looked through a picture at a time, eyebrows going up and down as she saw various pictures, mostly of herself, snapped in a number of places and poses she wasn’t certain how her best friend had managed, both here and on Mars.

  “Isn’t this…” She stared at a picture on the screen for a moment. “It is, isn’t it? It’s me in the bath a couple of weeks ago, just after we arrived! How did you even snap this one? I was alone!”

  “Oh, I’m quite proud of that one.”

  Isla flicked through a few more and stopped again. “Hang on… isn’t this one from our first couple of nights here as well?”

  Anise took the camera back and gave a sage nod. “You just looked so cute, I couldn’t help myself.”

  On the occasion in question, Isla had fallen asleep on her bed, fully clothed with her hair down, an occurrence Anise was sure to catalogue for posterity. Mostly her own.

  Gently tugging the camera from her girlfriend’s hands again, Isla leaned in for a kiss. “Looking at pictures is nice, but how about we make some new memories?”

  “Now that sounds like an excellent idea…” Anise whispered, jumping as a finger went somewhere intimate. “Not hanging around, are we?”

  “I can go slower if you like?”

  “No chance!”

  Isla let out a low laugh and prepared to enjoy her second ever intimate experience with the girl she was now sure she loved, absolutely and unequivocally…




  “Uwaa…” Isla whispered once they’d finished, barely coherent. “That was intense.” She crawled forward, turned, then slid back up the bed and collapsed next to her sweaty and content girlfriend.

  Anise snuggled up. “Mm, I finally feel complete.”


  “Yeah. I’ve liked you since we were about fourteen. You don’t know how frustrating it’s been for me being so close to you, but never being able to say anything.”

  Isla shuffled closer, transferring her feelings via touch. “We’re together now, that’s what matters.”

  “Exactly, hence why I said I feel complete. I could get way too used to this feeling of bliss.”

  “So could I,” Isla murmured. Her breathing had returned to its normal rate now, and she felt entirely at peace with everything. Judging by Anise's hand finding hers and clasping it, she did, too.

  Over the next half an hour the two of them simply snuggled in silence, enjoying the afterglow. Eventually, Isla decided it was time to move; she wanted to talk about something important. They sat up, sitting cross-legged opposite each other.

  “Something I wanted to mention…” Isla said.

  Anise stretched, then flopped forward to rest her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder. “Go ahead.”

  Isla turned a happy shade of red at how beautiful her girlfriend was, stroking her fingers through her wavy and currently slightly damp hair. “It’s something that Mira suggested when we split last night. Something really important.”

  “Okay.” Anise took Isla’s hands in her own.

  “I want us to talk. About everything. Every single thing, no matter how important it might or might not be… mm, actually, we already kind of do that. But I’d like us to talk even more! Every little thing. If something I do annoys you, if you feel like trying something new in bed, anything at all.”

  Anise gave a brief nod. “I agree. A lot of the world’s problems are caused by misunderstandings, after all.” She shuffled forward a small amount to be closer to her new girlfriend, nibbling Isla’s neck. “So let’s talk! About us, our relationship, our lives, our loves, our dislikes, every single thing! Let’s be open about everything, no matter how embarrassing or dirty it might be.”

  Isla laughed out loud at that last line. “I’m quite well aware of one or two of your interests already!”

  “Yeah, I know I’m kind of naughty. I just find girls so sexy and hot that I can’t help it, I find myself… fantasising, and things just sort of pop into my mind.”

  Isla hugged her. “I love that part of you as much as every other part! No need to feel embarrassed about what turns you on.” Like other girls’ used pants, she thought.


  “Right, I think we’re sorted?” Isla said. She pulled away and stretched, giving a delicious eyeful in return, satisfied that everything of importance had been dealt with.

  “I want to bathe together!” Anise stated.

  “Oh, nice idea!”

  Yes, that was a nice idea, their first time bathing together as a couple. Isla vibrated with delight, noting that Anise was radiant and bright-eyed also. They grabbed what they needed and wandered through to their cosy en-suite for a soak.

  Upon returning to Isla’s room, they jumped back into bed, still naked.

  “So… sleep?” Anise suggested.



  “You don’t even need to ask,” Isla said with a smile.

  They pulled the sheets up and over, snuggling closer still.

  “This doesn't feel real,” Isla whispered.

  “I know, but it is, we know it is,” Anise whispered back. She put her left arm over Isla's hip, gently caressed her cheek with the other hand, then closed her eyes. It was getting on a bit, and turning up with bags under one's eyes is a big no-no for an idol. As such, Anise indicated that they should probably get some shut-eye.

  She set an alarm on her phone and they drifted off to sleep in each other’s warm and loving embrace…

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