Aida Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

Transferring from their home on Mars, best friends Isla and Anise arrive on Aida, hopeful and eager. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but soon meets someone who can help her discover her destiny, and Anise finally feels like she can truly be who she is.

Alongside their new friends and mentors, Lisa and Mira, Aida's latest arrivals quickly adjust to their new lives, beginning their ascent to idolhood. And along the way, they might both find some new and exciting interests on the side...

Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed lesbian romance novel serial with some 10 books planned, and probably more. This is the free version of the full book and includes everything except the explicit ero scenes, those are mentioned but not directly shown.

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19. Chapter 19

  With a shower each taken care of, plus associated activities, Anise crashed on the bed, wrapped in towel. She glanced at Lisa, who was currently drying her hair by the bed. “We’ve got plans tonight, right?”

  “Not for a couple of hours yet, but yeah, we do,” Lisa said, tossing the used towel onto the bed and switching to a hairdryer.

  “I need to repay you for the shower, don’t I?” Anise added. Lisa had focused so heavily on pleasuring her that Anise had no time or energy left over to return the favour.

  “No worries, I enjoy getting sweaty after a gig. You can give me a proper seeing-to when we get back tonight,” Lisa replied over the noise from the hairdryer.

  “Something to look forward to!” Anise said, and shifted herself over to a comfy armchair to the side of the bed, facing into the room.

  Finishing up her hair, Lisa decided the best thing she could do would be to sit in Anise’s lap.

  “Comfy?” Anise asked.

  “Very much so,” Lisa replied in a glib tone. She leaned down and enjoyed a few moments swapping saliva.

  “I thought you wanted to wait for later?”

  A chuckle indicated that this wasn’t entirely accurate. “It’s better for the wait, but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy getting a bit frustrated beforehand.” Lisa jumped off again to prepare for her evening.

  While Lisa busied herself getting dressed up and sorting out her tablet and other equipment, Anise deposited herself on the bed with her phone, listening to one of Aphrodite’s songs and singing along.

  Stopping what she was doing, Lisa sat on the bed and stared at her lover’s beatific expression. “Holy hell, Anise…” she whispered.

  Anise looked up and realised she was under scrutiny. “You okay?”

  “More than okay, I think I just came,” Lisa breathed. “You’ve got possibly the most gorgeous singing voice I’ve ever heard!” It was rare for Lisa to exclaim or raise her voice at all, so when she did it plainly indicated extreme excitement.

  “Y-You think?” Anise stuttered, blushing.

  “Hell yes.” Lisa graced her lover with a particularly evil smile. “How quickly can you learn a new song?”

  “Eh? Eeeh!? A new song? Like… right now?” Anise put her hands up.

  Leaning close enough to touch noses, Lisa’s grin widened. “You were good enough to get into Dreamstar Academy, my girl. You’re not going to let me down here, are you?”

  “I think I’ve risen to expectations so far?” Anise whispered, pecking her partner’s lips.

  Lisa sat upright and clapped her hands together in a satisfied fashion. “Damn straight, you have.” She pulled her phone out and found a particular music track, handing the device over.

  Anise swapped her earbuds over and spent the next few minutes listening to a vocal and melody-led electronic track, unconsciously tapping a foot in time to the energetic beat.

  “I can’t believe I’ve never listened to this kind of thing before!” she muttered, humming along despite barely knowing the melody yet. “So you want me to sing this? Live?”

  “Up for it?” Lisa said, retrieving her phone.

  “How long do I have?”

  “I’m playing another gig tomorrow, same as tonight’s, though a bigger venue. So about that long.”

  The track in question had minimal lyrics, similar to most vocal music of this genre, and those it did have were relatively simple and catchy. Anise made an instant decision. “Okay! I won’t let you down.”

  “Sweet, I’ll be expecting good things, then! Originally I intended to play my new track at the end of the set. Those are my own dulcet tones you’re hearing, incidentally.”

  Anise, who had found the vocals to be both sexy and emotive, nodded once or twice. “I figured it was you, you’ve got a beautiful voice as well.”

  “Why, thank you, my dear. In any case, I don’t have to worry about upsetting another vocalist by having you sing instead, so I’ll use the instrumental version and have you go on stage as a special surprise. Sound good?”

  “Perfect! And terrifying.” Anise emitted a mildly nervous giggle.

  “Nothing good is ever easy,” Lisa said, waggling a finger. “I have absolute faith in you, Anise. I’ve seen enough these last couple of weeks to know you’re a talented girl.”

  “Coming from you, that means a lot,” Anise said, bowing her head in silent thanks.

  They finished preparing and headed into the city, threading their way through the busy night-time streets towards a club called Merlin’s. Entering through the rear door for staff, Lisa led them through a brightly lit room with two dozen pool tables, a number of twentieth-century arcade machine recreations, and a long bar in one corner.

  She waved to some of the staff on the way through, issuing various greetings to bar staff, bouncers, and glass collectors; plainly this wasn’t Lisa’s first gig at this venue. Anise stuck close, waving or nodding and attempting to blend in. Nightclubs were a little different to the casual bars she generally preferred.

  Through a double door at the far end of this room they entered a dark and cavernous room roughly half a football pitch in size, spacious enough to fit a few thousand people like sweaty sardines. In the far left corner stood another bar, curved in a hockey stick shape. And in the nearest corner just past the doors to the pool room, a raised area for the DJ.

  Lisa hopped up here and placed her bag down on a table along the wall far. To the left of this, facing the dance floor, a surface was covered with equipment of a similar nature to that used by Aedan. Knobs, buttons, sliders, blinking lights, and several slots for data crystals adorned the matt black metals and plastics.

  Soon, the lights dimmed to a deep blue and the night was ready to begin. Easing the crowd in with a slow-paced house track, Lisa kicked the evening off, raising a single hand up high; the crowd cheered louder and louder as she raised it.

  In the background, Anise busied herself by staring at the crowd or her lover’s back, barely conscious of the cheers or even the music. She had entered what almost felt like a trance, only aware of the heat, the pressure of the crowd and, most important of all, how utterly incredible Lisa was.

  An hour in, Lisa had ramped things up to trance-styled tracks including a number of vocal ones Anise wanted to sing along to, if only she knew the lyrics. Her skin prickled, her stomach doing cartwheels; not out of nerves or anxiety, but intense excitement. Sweating like mad in the hot atmosphere, she drank an occasional bottle of Immersion and wondered how the hell she had ended up here.

  Another hour slipped past in a daze, during which time Lisa bumped from trance to hard house, playing such bangin’ – in her own words – tunes that Anise could barely keep up. Dropping down from the DJ area to join the crowd, Anise danced and danced and danced, throwing her hands up in the air and letting herself be lost in the moment.

  Nearing two in the morning Lisa finally wound it back down, playing some chilled tracks to finish as the crowd gradually thinned, leaving the cool cavern empty and silent, just the lingering scent of alcohol and sweat remaining to remind the few stragglers of the amazing evening they had enjoyed.

  Anise had returned to the DJ area now, leaning against the rear wall and breathing erratically, eyes half-closed, her brain addled and unsure of things. “Wow…”

  Lisa turned and laughed at the beatific expression on her lover’s face. “You enjoyed that, huh?”

  “I think so? Honestly I barely remember much of it, haha. I’ve just got this overriding feeling that it was unreal.”

  “Not been to a night like this before?” Lisa added as she put her things away.

  “First time.”

  “Ah, then yeah, first couple of times clubbing can be pretty intense.” Lisa moved over to place a delicate kiss on Anise’s lips. She whispered into her ear, “Now imagine the rush you’ll get singing for that crowd.”

  Anise actually shuddered, visibly so. “I’m not sure my body could handle it!”

  Lisa chuckled. “I felt the same when I first played for a large crowd. There’s an old Earth saying that’s pretty accurate; ‘the first time’s always the hardest.’”

  “Tonight was pretty long, is it normally like this?” Anise asked, attempting to reboot her brain.

  “No, tonight was a couple of hours longer than I usually play. Tomorrow’s will be two hours from eleven to one, then I’ll be handing over to another DJ.” Lisa finished packing up her things and slung the bag over her shoulder.

  Shivering a little in utter delight, Anise leaned over to whisper, “Have I told you how much it turns me on when you’re in this mode?”

  “This mode?”

  “Yeah, you know… professional idol mode. Delivering advice and being my mentor and playing live events and all that. Makes me go weak at the knees!”

  Lisa cracked up to the point where several of the club staff in the vicinity looked around. “You did mention something along those lines, yes. I’m glad I’ve left such a positive impression on you.”

  Passing on the offer of a free drink on the house – Lisa being counted just as much as club staff as anyone else there – they instead left and headed back to the hotel; Anise was tired and worn out, elated, and above all else, horny, and there are times when waiting around just isn’t an option.

  The moment they entered their room, Lisa pushed Anise down full-length on the bed. “So… I’m kind of in the mood for some good things…”

  “Funny, I was just thinking the same!” Anise replied with a particularly naughty giggle. In deference to the fact she now had a new song to learn, she put the track on as background. Then she yawned. “Mm, having said that, I’m also really tired.”

  “Seems you need to take a leaf out of Isla’s book and be a bit more diligent in your running,” Lisa suggested.

  “I’ve been running! Mostly. Maybe not as much as Isla, though, you’re right.” Anise gently pushed Lisa off and had her lie across the bed, legs dangling over the edge. “Anyway, enough talk! I feel like trying something different.”

  “Such as?”

  “Maybe we could play with ourselves more than each other? You know… mutual, like?”

  This made Lisa grin. “Haven’t done that in a while. Used to play around with Mira like that until we got fully comfy with each other.”

  “I’ve not tried it before,” Anise said, stripping her clothes off until she was down to her underwear, something duck egg blue and sporty on this occasion.

  Lisa took in this sight with lust-filled eyes. “You are so damn sexy, my girl.”

  A brief giggle, and Anise helped her partner undress, revealing the luscious silver set Lisa had put on earlier. “You wear silver a lot, don’t you? Even your hair is nearly silver!”

  “It’s my favourite colour. Especially for undies. I love anything silver, soft, shiny, or sparkly. Or all of the above.” Lisa pressed her arms close into her sides to accentuate her breasts, straining against the fabric of the silver, soft, shiny, and sparkly bra.

  “It suits you. Perfectly,” Anise breathed. “Fancy a quick massage? I reckon that’d be a good way to kick off.”

  “Another talent revealing itself?” Lisa asked, sitting up. She moved around to face the headboard.

  Sitting behind her, Anise grinned.  “Ask Isla about my massages sometime.”

  “Or you could just demonstrate?”

  “Or I could do that, yes,” Anise said, laughing a little. She pushed Lisa down flat, then straddled her butt and began kneading and pushing, focusing on the back and shoulders for now.

  Lisa moaned more or less nonstop for some half an hour until eventually, after much enjoyable massaging and touching, Anise stopped. Her fingers felt a bit numb, and she still needed those for a certain other activity yet.

  “How was it?” she asked.

  “Awesome…!” Lisa murmured, eyes closed as she turned her head over. “Haven’t had a massage in ages, and none of the ones I have had came close to what you can do, my girl…”

  “You’re welcome!” Anise stroked again, this time with sexy intent, focusing on Lisa’s shapely ass. “Feel free to play with yourself!”

  “Mm? Oh… right, forgetting myself,” Lisa muttered, her shoulders shaking as she chuckled. She lifted herself just enough to slide an arm under her body…

  … and an hour later collapsed in the bed, hot and breathing heavily.

  Next to her, Anise was equally broken. She let out a contended sigh. “So… mutual masturbation. It’s good. Real good.”

  Lisa gave her a kiss. “It’s a different type of fun, yeah.”

  “Mm… let’s just stay like this for a while, I don’t really feel like moving.”

  Lisa was perfectly happy with this state of affairs, so she wrapped her arms around the girl lying next to her, and spent the next half-hour simply enjoying the warmth and intimacy.

  They eventually managed to get up and take a cosy bath together, before collapsing in bed and snuggling until they fell asleep.

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