Aida Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

Transferring from their home on Mars, best friends Isla and Anise arrive on Aida, hopeful and eager. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but soon meets someone who can help her discover her destiny, and Anise finally feels like she can truly be who she is.

Alongside their new friends and mentors, Lisa and Mira, Aida's latest arrivals quickly adjust to their new lives, beginning their ascent to idolhood. And along the way, they might both find some new and exciting interests on the side...

Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed lesbian romance novel serial with some 10 books planned, and probably more. This is the free version of the full book and includes everything except the explicit ero scenes, those are mentioned but not directly shown.

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17. Chapter 17

  A knock alerted Isla to her lover’s arrival. She let Mira in and sat with her on the bed, immediately hugging her. “Mira… I…”

  Mira tightened her embrace. “It seems you’ve come to some new understanding over the weekend?”


  “It’s okay, just say what you need to,” Mira whispered.

  “I’ve just been thinking about Anise, especially after meeting Millie,” Isla said. “I felt jealous of Lisa, knowing they’ve spent the weekend together. Probably doing… things. But I also feel like I’m being unfair to you because I can’t commit to anything…”

  “I said before that I’m happy being casual,” Mira said, gently stroking her partner’s back. “But I understand that might not be so helpful for you. I’m comfortable like this, but not everyone is.”

  “Yeah. I’m not sure how I feel, there are girls I find really attractive, girls I’d like to… well, you know. But I keep coming back to Anise and if given a choice, it has to be her,” Isla responded with a brief sigh.

  “The two aren’t mutually exclusive, you know,” Mira said.

  “How so?”

  Pulling back for a moment so she could stare into Isla’s beautiful eyes, Mira grinned, an entirely Lisa-like and suggestive one. “Think of my relationship with Lisa.”

  “Oh! I get you, haha. Mm… I don’t know how that would work, to be honest.”

  “Like I said, it’s not for everyone. I’m really just pointing out that there are many ways to handle a relationship. My advice would be to talk it through with her, she seems like a really open girl, just tell her how you feel and see what’s she up for.”

  “Yeah, that’s probably the best way. But first—”

  “—we need to talk about us?” Mira finished for her.

  “Yeah… it’s funny how we’ve been really casual for this last week, yet I really don’t want to let you go now it comes time to do it…” Isla murmured, shaking her head.

  Tenderly stroking down the nape of her partner’s neck, Mira let out a soft laugh. “That’s perfectly normal. I’ve had a number of intimate liaisons of this nature, it never gets any easier to let go. You’ve made your decision? No need to hesitate.”

  “I think so. Partly thanks to Millie. I’m glad you introduced me to her, thanks!”

  “You’re most welcome.”

  “I’ve glad we got to be together, too!”

  Mira placed a delicate kiss on her partner’s lips. “Likewise. If you do decide you like the idea of being a bit more casual, I’m always available for you. Just letting you know.”

  “Haha… thanks, I’ll bear that in mind!”

  “Wonderful. That said, the best advice I can give you is to talk to Anise. I mean really talk to her.”

  Isla pulled back a little to stare. “We already do?”

  “You may think you do, but do you really? For example, have you ever discussed how you like to masturbate? Or exactly where you like a partner to touch you? Whether you prefer fingers or tongue?”

  Isla’s cheeks burned. “No…”

  Mira stifled a cute little giggle, again quite outside her usual character. “That’s what I mean. Talk to her about what you want from a relationship, as I mentioned before, but I can definitely say my time with Lisa has been much enhanced by us discussing what we like.”

  “Well… Anise loves talking about naughty things in any case so I doubt that’ll be a problem,” Isla said, thinking back to a certain conversation involving her pants. She giggled and sat upright, having a stretch. “So… are we okay?”

  “Of course, why wouldn’t we be? I’ll miss you, naturally, but as I said, I’m used to staying casual. It suits my needs for now.”

  “Great!” Isla said, and stood. “Uh, I kinda need a bath, do you mind waiting?”

  “I’m more than happy to occupy myself with a book, don’t you worry. As long as I’m getting some action later?” Mira said, cocking her head slightly.

  “Maybe I should leave the bath until we’re done…” Isla muttered, laughing a little as she wandered off to the bathroom. She called back through, “And you’re definitely getting lucky tonight, Mira!”

  This made Mira crack up, a full-throated laugh the likes of which Isla had never heard from her before. “That’s my girl.”

  In the bathroom, Isla settled down into her steaming hot bath. As she soaked, she considered the last two weeks, during which time she had seen Mira a fair number of times, often briefly, occasionally for a little longer, and always enjoyably. And tonight would be the final enjoyably… for both of them. Her stomach sank at the thought.

  She clambered out of the bath, dried herself, dressed, and wandered back to her room, where Mira sat demurely on the bed with a leg up, reading a book on her phone.

  “What are you reading?” Isla asked, sitting next to her.

  Mira looked up. “‘101 Ways to Seduce Cute Girls.’

  “Now I know that’s not true, you don’t need a book for that,” Isla said, stifling a laugh.

  “You’re quite correct, but it’s always fun to play with you, my sweet,” Mira said, placing the book to one side. “It’s actually not far off, though. It’s a collection of a dozen short romance stories.”

  “Do I even need to ask if all the characters are girls?”

  “Probably not.”


  Isla’s hair still needed some drying, so Mira disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a hairdryer and brush, plugged the dryer in, and carefully waved it back and forth, brushing it out as she went. Isla fidgeted. Heavily.

  “Something wrong?” Mira asked.

  “No, I’m fine… fine!” Isla said, plainly indicating that she wasn’t in actual fact fine at all.

  “You don’t seem fine, you’re fidgeting like mad!” Mira laughed.

  Isla froze, eyes closed. Breathing heavily. Thinking, considering, deciding.

  “Wa—!” Mira yelped as Isla turned and pushed her down on the sofa. “Mm, back to being aggressive?”

  “I promised you were getting lucky tonight, so…”

  “Music to my ears.”

  Passionately, much more sexy and determined than ever before, Isla kissed Mira all over, losing control to the point of sliding her partner’s skirt zip down and stroking her somewhere intimate. Seemingly returning to reality, she stopped, eyes tightly shut, her laboured breaths warm against Mira’s lips.

  “I get the feeling this is going to be one hell of a final night together,” Mira whispered.

  “Aha, yeah, I just get really turned on having my hair brushed like that, it makes me… um, kind of lose control.”

  “I noticed, yes.” Mira laughed and held Isla tightly, enjoying the feel of her body lying lightly on top of her, the rapid beating of her heart indicating extreme excitement.

  “Okay, I’ll try and control myself this time. Please, carry on,” Isla said, sitting up.

  “Feel free to do it again if the mood takes you.” Mira continued brushing, waving the hairdryer back and forth until Isla’s hair was dry. She placed the hairdryer and brush on the desk beside the bed. “There, all done.”

  “Thanks!” Isla said, breathing a sigh of relief at that minor ordeal being over. All that remained now was to head to bed, but probably not to sleep.

  Mira grabbed Isla and pushed her down onto the bed, lying on top. “You’re all set to jump into her arms, yes?”

  “Yeah. I’m certain of my feelings now, I love Anise, I want to be with her, even if there are still some minor worries over doing so.”

  “Wonderful. I hope you’ll be happy together, Isla, I’m pleased for you.”

  Lifting her head a little, Isla pecked her lover’s lips. “Thanks, Mira, I’ve had an amazing time with you!”

  “Likewise. You know, some people might consider it odd to be discussing your future partner with your current one?”

  Isla laughed. “And who was it that said I should talk about everything?”

  “A fair point.”

  From here, they soon devolved into shenanigans of a sweaty nature, enjoying something a little different, a mutually masturbatory experience for a change, something sexy and naughty to end their relationship with a bang…




  After a few minutes of rising and falling chests, much panting, and a general glow of euphoria, Isla managed to crawl around and up to collapse with her wonderful and amazing and incredible lover, snuggling close and tugging the sheets over them.

  “Better?” she whispered into Mira’s ear once she had calmed down sufficiently to process speech again.

  Mira gave a single crisp nod and smiled. “Much better. Ah, that felt amazing. Truly an evening of delicious tribulations.” She heaved a sigh of utter contentedness and gave Isla a wet kiss, slumping back and staring at the ceiling.

  Isla lifted her head, an eyebrow raised. “Tribulations?”

  “Never heard the term ‘tribbing’ before?” Mira asked, stroking her fingers through Isla’s hair. The clean fingers; she was a naughty girl, but also a thoughtful one.

  Isla shook her head. “Can’t say I have.”

  “It’s an ancient word now, still in popular use, though. It’s the word for what we just enjoyed.”

  “The grinding thing?” Isla suggested, blushing a little at the thought of what she’d just enjoyed, something she very much wanted to try with Anise.

  “The very same.”

  “Huh, had no idea there was a special word for it. Nice to know!”

  Mira snickered. “There are many fun words for our enjoyable activities. Maybe ask Anise about some of them, I’m sure she has every single one memorised.”

  “I’m sure!” Isla said, laughing.

  Lifting her head to glance down the bed, Mira appeared to search for something. “Where’d my pants go?”

  “Oh, uh, pretty sure I might’ve been sitting on them, sorry.” Isla rummaged around under the sheets and retrieved said items – charcoal black and sexy, with an interesting chromatic effect to them – handing them over.

  “No problem, I’m going to make them wet anyway,” Mira said, taking the items and using them to clean herself up. “There, now I can sleep in comfort.” She noticed her lover staring. “You appear to be interested in my underwear… which is an entirely fair reaction, I’m just wondering why?”

  Isla was again transfixed, this time because Mira was now dangling her pants and swinging them back and forth. “Of course I am, they’re your pants, Mira. But I’m thinking more of Anise, as it happens…”

  “Oh? Is this going to be some deliciously sexy titbit of information on your soon-to-be-lover?”

  Explaining her best friend’s apparent predilection for other girls’ used pants, Isla finished by asking the question she never expected to be asking to anyone, ever. “Would you mind me keeping them?”

  Bursting into wholly unrestrained laughter for the second time that evening, Mira agreed readily and slingshotted the item, expertly landing them on Isla’s head. “You’re welcome to my pants any time you like, inside or out. I’d love to see Anise’s face when you present those to her, but I suspect that’ll be during an intimate moment I probably shouldn’t be intruding on.”

  Isla inhaled her partner’s unique scent, going bright red at doing something that would normally be Anise’s territory, before tugging them off and carefully folding them. “She’ll love you for this, trust me.”

  Once they had cleaned themselves up to satisfaction – including Isla putting the new acquisition away in her desk’s drawer for safe keeping – they returned to snuggling under the covers.

  She kissed her partner softly on the lips. “Night, Mira!”

  “Goodnight, Isla, thanks for the amazing evening.” Mira’s eyes drooped already.

  Isla stared at her mentor’s sleeping face for a time, thinking herself truly blessed to have been able to call Mira, if not her actual girlfriend, then certainly her lover. She placed a tender kiss on this beautiful girl’s forehead, then closed her eyes.

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