Aida Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

Transferring from their home on Mars, best friends Isla and Anise arrive on Aida, hopeful and eager. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but soon meets someone who can help her discover her destiny, and Anise finally feels like she can truly be who she is.

Alongside their new friends and mentors, Lisa and Mira, Aida's latest arrivals quickly adjust to their new lives, beginning their ascent to idolhood. And along the way, they might both find some new and exciting interests on the side...

Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed lesbian romance novel serial with some 10 books planned, and probably more. This is the free version of the full book and includes everything except the explicit ero scenes, those are mentioned but not directly shown.

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16. Chapter 16

  The Sunday went much as the Saturday had, split into their respective groups, working hard on their chosen interests, and soon it was time to head home. They were ferried back to the mainland at around five in the afternoon, spent a short time tidying the site and packing, then got underway.

  Sitting on the skybus’s rear seat again, Millie held Eva’s hand, grasping tightly with interlocked fingers, enjoying this last half an hour or so of time together before they had to separate, if only briefly. Isla dropped down to Millie’s other side and remained silent, lost in thought.

  By the time they reached the academy, the sun was just beginning to dip back down towards the horizon, so Isla tugged Millie to their room with the intention of simply spending some time together. Anise would be back later that night, but for now a pleasant Sunday evening with a cup of cocoa and nothing to do but chat and get to know Millie sounded wonderfully enjoyable.

  Eva gave her brand new lover a kiss outside Isla’s room and headed upstairs to unwind and relax in her own for half an hour. She made a point of arranging a little extracurricular activity with Millie later that same evening, though probably nothing beyond kissing for the time being.

  Preparing a drink for them both, Isla ran back through from the bathroom and placed two mugs on her desk, collapsing on the bed. “That was a fun weekend. Also an absolutely crazy one.”

  Millie sat with her. “Last one was actually worse, because the Dancing Sunkiss was ill and couldn’t make it. I ended up running for most of the second day as well.”

  Shivering a little in abject terror, Isla drank her cocoa. “Good thing I came to Dreamstar when I did.”

  “Eh, I still had fun. I said before I love running, right? I know every inch of Slogh! All the little streets and alleys, the areas surrounding the city, everything.”

  “So you know Hotel Grandia?” Isla asked.

  “I’ve actually worked there! Only for a few months when I was at school, but still. Nice place.”

  “It’s where Anise is staying with Lisa.”

  “Aaah, so that’s why you asked? Knowing Lisa, she’ll have booked a really nice room with a big ol’ double bed!” Millie said, giggling.

  Shuffling back to sit with her back to the wall, Isla let out an inaudible sigh. “Feel a bit jealous, if I’m honest.”

  “Of Lisa?”


  “Mira hasn’t told me much about you, so I’m guessing here, but… you like Anise?” Millie hazarded.

  “More than anything,” Isla said with a nod. “Feeling’s mutual, too, which is… kind of awkward.”

  Millie tilted her head. “What, she feels the same? Uh, in which case why aren’t you together?”

  Isla explained about the evening out at Stardew, and the agreement to stay single and see how things went. “Pretty much where we are now. Interested, but also kind of wanting to experience other relationships for a while. A short while, maybe, but a while either way.”

  “So you’re exploring?”

  “I guess that’s a good way to put it.”

  Sitting back, legs stretched ahead, Millie edged a little closer to her friend. “Wanna talk?”


  “Anything you like! But Anise especially. I’ve not met her yet, might help to have an outside perspective? From someone, uh, unbiased?”

  Isla leaned over to brush shoulders, kissed Millie on the cheek, and sat back upright. “I might like that one day, sure. For now I’m content to see where life leads me. Thanks, Millie, I’m happy I met you.”

  “Likewise! Well, if you feel like talking just gimme a Peter an’ Paul, I’ll come running right over.”

  A knock at the door indicated their third had arrived, so Isla jumped off the bed and let Eva in, dressed in a black knee-length one-piece with white lacy trims and details.

  “That’s a really pretty dress,” Isla said, standing to one side to let her new friend in.

  “Thank you!” Eva said, bobbing her head on the way past. She sat with Millie, giving her a quick peck on the lips in greeting.

  Returning to her position on Millie’s other side, Isla pulled her phone out. “Either of you into Aphrodite?”

  “I’ve not really looked into them much, to be honest,” Millie said.

  Eva indicated she also hadn’t.

  “You were talking to Minami when we met, though,” Isla said.

  Millie shrugged. “Sure, I know them, everyone does. But I’ve not really followed much of their professional life.”

  “So you’ve not seen their last tour?” Isla added. The other two shook their heads. “It was wonderful! Anise got me hooked on them a few days ago. I always knew she liked them as a unit, but I’d never checked out any of their music before now.”

  “Perhaps we could watch that this evening?” Eva suggested.

  “Speaking of watching things, how about we head out and see a movie one day soon?” Millie said.

  Eva perked up at this. “I haven’t been to a movie in ages.”

  “You into acting at all? Or just the modelling?” Millie asked.

  “I do have an interest in acting, but I’m not that good yet,” Eva said. “I’m more interested in modelling, but I’d like to maybe work in film one day.”

  “Your Gothic and sexy looks would be a sure winner in either,” Millie said. She beamed as her lover’s cheeks broke at least one of the laws of thermodynamics.

  “I agree! I think you’d look stunning on the big screen,” Isla said.

  If Eva’s cheeks had turned any redder the universe would probably have imploded. “Th-Thanks!”

  Isla fiddled around with her phone, placing it on the edge of the desk and activating its built-in holo-display. “Mm, so what sort of things are you two into?”

  “Things? Oh, you mean like genres? Thrillers!” Millie exclaimed. “And mysteries, those are always fun.”

  “I enjoy mystery books,” Eva said, happy to have found a point of common ground this soon after meeting her new lover.

  Isla skimmed through her phone’s files in an attempt to find one concert among many; since arriving on Aida, she had download many new things, and Isla wasn’t the most organised of girls.

  “I’ve never really been into mystery stuff, makes my head hurt trying to figure it out, haha,” she murmured, still searching.

  “I like a lighter tone in my movies more than really serious stuff, though,” Millie continued. “I like a bit of flair, a bit of panache.”

  “In other words, something like the Fighting Falcon?” Isla said.


  “Anise loves his work,” Isla added, finally finding the right file and setting it to play. “Okay!” She sat back.

  Quietening down, they watched the two hour long live concert. Isla explained during breaks between the songs that Aphrodite put on four special tours per year, one for each season – always themed to match – and the one currently playing was recorded from their spring tour.

  “If I’d known about them I could’ve gone to their summer tour,” Isla said as another song ended. “Too late to get tickets, though. Might try and hit the winter one instead.”

  “Not autumn?” Millie said, draining a drink prepared during a break.

  “I could… but don’t you think winter is more romantic? They theme it differently each year. Like last year was snow-themed, but the year before they did something to do with death and skeletal imagery.”

  Eva’s face lit up. “How did I miss that? It sounds wonderful!”

  “Uh-oh, am I dating a necrophile?” Millie said, a faux look of worry on her features.

  Giving her partner a gentle thump on the arm, Eva glowed with embarrassment. “I like anything Gothic, skulls and things are a natural part of that!”

  Isla buried her face in the pillow, laughing to the point of tears. She sat up and wiped her eyes. “Jeez, Millie…”

  Millie chuckled at her friends’ glowing faces and ran to the bathroom to prepare another drink.

  While she was gone, Eva investigated further. “How did you mean, they used skeletal imagery?”

  Pausing the video, Isla waved a hand about in a proprietorial fashion, hoping to come across as an authority on Aphrodite despite having only been interested in them for less than a week. “You know how trees and things sort of die in autumn, the leaves all drop and leave a skeleton until the next year? They did something with that as a theme, going all spooky. Kind of like that festival people used to celebrate on Earth.”

  “Wow… I wish I could’ve seen that,” Eva said with a gentle sigh. “And do you mean Halloween?”

  Isla pointed at her. “That one, yeah. We have our own traditions and festivals and things on Mars, we’ve never really celebrated any of Earth’s. Well… not in the last hundred years, that I know of. Think we might’ve done when we first colonised, not sure.”

  “I’d love to hear about them some day. I’m into all sorts of festivals, especially anything with roots in folklore or legends,” Eva said, her tone considerably firmer than Isla had become used to over the weekend. “Aida has its own festivals as well! The next big one will be the Lantern Festival in October.”

  “How about we go somewhere together one day soon? We can watch that movie, maybe eat out somewhere? Actually… we never did go to Mira’s place…” Isla said, trailing off as she remembered making plans that had yet to come to fruition.


  “Mm? Oh, sorry. She’s my… um, my kind of girlfriend? I guess that’s the best way to put it for now. Her parents own a restaurant in the city we wanted to visit. Haven’t found time yet.”

  Millie returned and handed out hot drinks. “You talking about Mira’s folks’ place?”

  Isla accepted a steaming mug of coffee. “Yep.”

  “Aaah, the curry there is to die for…!” Millie whispered, more or less literally drooling.

  In order to stop Millie exploding messily all over the room in her gastronomic excitement, the girls arranged to go out together the next weekend. This was followed by finishing up the live event, at which point Millie pounced on Eva, smothering her in kisses.

  Isla let out a theatrical sigh. “I can leave you two alone?” She remembered where they were. “Hang on, this is my room!”

  Millie chuckled at this. “Maybe we should head back to mine?”

  “Perhaps so…” Eva murmured, mildly ashamed at allowing herself to get carried away.

  “Off you both go, I could do with an early night anyway,” Isla said, smiling at their antics. Once they had left, she sighed and sent a text over to Mira. An early night wasn’t in fact on the cards simply because there was something she felt she probably needed to do…

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