Aida Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

Transferring from their home on Mars, best friends Isla and Anise arrive on Aida, hopeful and eager. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but soon meets someone who can help her discover her destiny, and Anise finally feels like she can truly be who she is.

Alongside their new friends and mentors, Lisa and Mira, Aida's latest arrivals quickly adjust to their new lives, beginning their ascent to idolhood. And along the way, they might both find some new and exciting interests on the side...

Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed lesbian romance novel serial with some 10 books planned, and probably more. This is the free version of the full book and includes everything except the explicit ero scenes, those are mentioned but not directly shown.

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15. Chapter 15

  The second day of their camp dawned bright and sunny, and Millie was up first. She ran downstairs, prepared them a drink each, and zipped back up to the room. “Morning, Isla! You’re not doing so great this morning, huh?” She handed a mug to her vaguely awake companion.

  “Mm, I’m not normally this bad, but yesterday was really rough. How are you okay?” Isla said, sitting up and rubbing her aching legs.

  Millie shrugged. “Running is an activity I can do without needing money.”

  Isla’s entire store of blood rushed to her cheeks. “Sorry, that was thoughtless of me.” She drank some of the deliciously sweet coffee, slapped her cheeks a few times, and jumped out of bed. Half an hour was spent showering, then breakfast was obtained.

  As they ate, sitting together at one of the tables outside the lodge  – given the lovely day they had been graced with – Millie caught sight of Eva looking at her. She waved, received a blush, smile, and wave in response, then went back to her meal.

  Today heralded the start of the two days the girls had in which to pick the brains of the academy instructors in specific disciplines. Eva had immediately headed off with several of the others in order to accost the academy’s very own retired top model; a beautiful, tall, and imposing lady called Nicola Ward, she had been Aida’s number one model for close to a decade before retiring to become an instructor at Dreamstar Academy.

  Meanwhile, Millie tugged Isla off to one of the other instructors – a fabulous-looking man known only as the Dancing Sunkiss to his many fans – to obtain some personal tuition alongside a few of the others. Isla being interested in becoming an idol like Luna meant she needed to be capable of dance, so this would be her first step, literally and figuratively.

  The Saturday went past at speed, the various idols in their groups so busy they barely noticed the sun zipping across the sky, and soon it was time to head back to the lodge for supper. Splitting into groups based on their interests, they grabbed a bite to eat and wandered off to points along the beach so they could sit and discuss their individual action plans, crafted over a full day of enjoyable activities.

  Again, Millie caught Eva looking at her, so she left Isla sitting on the sand and wandered across to the Gothic beauty, crouching down. She leaned closer, noting with interest how Eva’s eyes widened in mild terror. “What’s up?” She leaned closer still. “Fancy me?”

  “Eh!? Ah… no…” Eva shook her head, laughing awkwardly.

  “No? Oh. Shame.” Millie moved close enough to whisper, “Because I fancy you.” With this, she blew gently into Eva’s ear – resulting in a cute little ‘kya!’ of surprise – and wandered back over to Isla, dropping to her knees to chat about their day.

  Eva was rooted to the spot for a few minutes, a hand up to her ear and staring intently at her playful new friend. She shivered a little despite the warm temperature here on the beach, and joined her own group.

  Another hour passed by as the shadows lengthened and one of Aida’s twin moons loitered around the horizon, unsure whether it wanted to be seen just yet. Sarge had constructed a large campfire in the sand between the landing pad and lodge, and now worked hard to light it. The staff members lounged around on folding seats with cool refreshments, indicating the day was done.

  The girls crowded around after obtaining their own drinks – some alcoholic, some not – pulling up a number of logs to sit on, retrieved from the side of the lodge where they were normally stored. They toasted marshmallows, drank their drinks, and simply enjoyed some time kicking back and relaxing after another hard but fulfilling day.

  Isla had run off to talk to the Dancing Sunkiss again, so Millie joined Eva in hopes of advancing things a little. “Mind if I sit here?” she said.

  “Not at all!” Eva said, a little flustered; ever since the ear-blowing incident earlier she had been on the defensive around Millie, wondering what to make of her. She shuffled sideways on the log to make room.

  “How’s it going?” Millie asked, dropping down and toasting a chunk of marshmallow.

  “Very well, thanks. Pretty tired, but okay,” Eva said between bites of a hot dog. She had been late to supper thanks to spending additional time on her walking.

  Millie edged a little closer to her. “Glad to hear it. Also, just letting you know… I wasn’t joking earlier when I said I fancy you. I like you a lot actually.”

  “You do…? But…”

  “We’re both girls?”


  Millie let out a mildly suggestive laugh. “I barely even think of things like that. All I know is that I like you, and I’d really enjoy getting to know you better. Anything else just gets in the way of fun things happening.” She ate a blackened marshmallow in silence, staring at the flames and smiling at Isla attempting some new dance moves with limited success.

  Meanwhile, Eva stared at her playful friend, the hot dog still hovering around her mouth, entirely forgotten. “Do you ever worry?”

  “Sure. But not often.” Millie spent a few minutes telling Eva some of her background. “I don’t really see much point to worrying. If I want to try something, I will, even if it turns out badly or wasn’t what I expected.”

  “That’s a really positive way of looking at things,” Eva said quietly, and finally ate the rest of her dog.

  “Yep. Life’s full of all sorts of fun things, some of them things I’d miss out on if I worried about what people thought of me, or what was accepted, or whatever. For example…” Millie turned and sneakily placed a kiss on Eva’s cheek. “I’d love to try kissing you!”

  Eva glowed about as brightly as the campfire. “M-M-Millie!?”

  “Tell you what, if you’re interested… there’s a little clearing in the woods.” Millie pointed at the treeline beyond the landing pad. “See the path going into the trees? Just follow that! There’s a little stream beyond the clearing. Meet me there, say… eleven o’clock? If you’re not there, well… I understand, don’t worry! I really hope you will be, though!”

  With that, Millie stood, making her way across to Isla and leaving a thoughtful – and mildly terrified – Eva. She retreated to the building with Isla, running up to their room. “Aaah, that was a fun day! As much as I enjoy running and exercise, being able to get stuck into some dance is the best thing.”

  Isla beamed. “Yep!” She yawned. “Mm, feeling really sleepy now, though.”

  “Go to bed if you want, I don’t mind.”

  “Yeah… yeah, I think I will. Night, Millie!” Isla said, and struggled into her pyjamas, climbing up and jumping into the top bunk.

  It seemed she was more or less asleep the moment her head hit the pillow, so Millie read some random webpages on the stellarnet, enjoying an ice cold beer from the fridge downstairs and sitting comfortably on the balcony, keeping an eye out for any dark-haired beauties she might spot.

  A little before eleven, the beauty in question exited the building, running across the paved area, over the sand, and into the woods, her voluminous hair bouncing in a way that made Millie hyperventilate.

  Entering the room with a huge smile on her lips, Millie closed the French doors, checked Isla – peacefully sleeping – and changed into her tracksuit. “Wish me luck!” she whispered, and exited. Downstairs, she ran into the woods, following the path to the clearing. “Now, let’s see if I really did use my entire lifetime supply of luck!”

  She certainly hoped to get lucky tonight, so this seemed like a good time to check her remaining fortune reserves. She could hear by the splashing of water that she closed in on the correct area, soon reaching the aforementioned clearing.

  And there, glowing in the moonlight and looking more beautiful than Millie could ever have imagined, stood Eva, leaning against a tree and staring at the running water. A snapping twig made her jump and look around.

  Millie waved and stopped just before her. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you!”

  Eva seemed… nervous. Very nervous, perhaps understandably, given what her presence here effectively meant. She stared. “Um, evening!”

  Millie embraced her. “Relax, tonight goes as far as you want, no further. Let’s just see what happens, okay? Also, if it helps, I’ve never done anything like this before either.” She took Eva’s hand and squeezed tightly, reassuringly.

  “You haven’t?”


  Eva looked surprised. “You seemed so confident earlier!” she whispered in a tone that carried to the ocean.

  “I just do things as they occur to me, I don’t really worry beyond that.”

  Eva laughed quietly, apparently relaxing. “I actually feel more comfortable knowing that. I thought you were really experienced.”

  Millie stroked Eva’s cheek with the back of her hand. “Nope, totally new to this! You’re certain?” The hand made its way down her neck, gently caressing and stroking.

  Closing her eyes, Eva enjoyed the intimate and sexy sensation of her new friend’s fingers tenderly touching her. “I think so. I don’t want any regrets, Millie, I really like you!”

  “I was hoping all those little glances and things weren’t just my imagination. Thanks, you’ve made my day!” Millie touched her forehead to Eva’s, their breath coming rapid, fast, warming each other’s lips.

  Wrapping their arms around each other and closing their eyes, they shared a moment of intimate wonder, bathed in moonlight streaming through the rustling leaves above them. Brief moans escaped their lips, pecking and nibbling and tying tongues, their hands slipping and sliding all over…

  Coming back to reality, Millie sighed, opening her eyes. “That was…”

  “…amazing,” Eva murmured, and went in for another.

  And another. Then several more. Similar to the non-stop running they had been put through upon arriving, they now seemed intent on non-stop kissing. Their breathing came fast, erratic, laboured. Every single touch of their quivering lips pumped their combined libido higher and higher.

  “So… guess this means I’m getting lucky tonight?” Millie said, grinning in the moonlight. It appeared she had picked up some of Lisa’s language without quite realising.


  “I’m just kidding!” Millie gave her another kiss. “Actually that’s a total lie, I want you more than anything.”

  “I… I’m not sure,” Eva whispered. Gazing into Millie’s eyes, it was plain as day – or possibly night – that she probably was in fact interested. But anxiety is a powerful inhibitor.

  “Let’s head to my room? Isla’s there so we should probably behave anyway,” Millie whispered, nibbling her way up and down her partner’s neck some more, clearly horny as hell.

  Eva agreed this sounded nice, so they strolled back along the path to the lodge, holding hands and sharing an occasional kiss. She hesitated as they reached the landing pad. “Um, Millie?”

  “Aye?” Millie stopped and turned.

  “I wanted to thank you. I’m glad you approached me!”

  “I just take each moment as it comes, can’t go wasting them, right? And I’m not about to let a wonderful girl like you slip through my fingers!” Millie said. Privately, she thought she might be able to find some other uses for said fingers, however.

  They remained locked into each other’s embrace for a few minutes, then disengaged, kissed, and walked – Millie wrapping an arm around Eva’s waist, preferring this to hand holding as it allowed closer physical contact – back to the lodge. Upon arriving, Eva softly pressed her lips to her partner’s one more time, lingering a moment.

  In the room, Millie stripped in the blink of an eye, slipping into a loose white T-shirt. Just that, plus her equally virginal pants. Eva ran to her own room to grab pyjamas and toiletries. Returning to this vision of cuteness combined with extreme lust resulted in much staring.

  “Is that how you sleep?” Eva asked in a low voice, doing her best to drag her eyes away; as much as she tried, she couldn’t seem to, her friend’s lithe body kept pulling them back, like a particularly horny magnet.

  “In the summer it is, I don’t like humid weather much,” Millie said, sliding into the bottom bunk and patting the mattress.

  Eva gently steamed as she hesitantly pulled her clothes off, struggling into a sexy and silky two-piece set of pyjamas in a fetching violet colour, watched intently by Millie who had no qualms about openly staring. Crawling into the bunk, Eva slid under the covers and immediately snuggled without thinking.

  “This is more like it!” Millie whispered, doing her best to avoid waking Isla in the upper bunk.

  “Ah, Millie…!” Eva whispered in a mildly shocked tone. A finger that didn’t belong to her was delicately placed somewhere very private indeed.


  “We’re in the same room as Isla, you said we’d have to beh—ah!” Eva had trouble speaking as her bed buddy boldly went where no one had gone before.

  “We just need to be quiet, no problem,” Millie said.

  “I think I want to, Millie, but I’d really like it to be special. Just us. Without having to be quiet? And maybe after getting to know each other some more?” She giggled.

  Millie stared, her lips curling up into an amused smile. “You enjoy being loud?”

  “I didn’t mean like that!”

  Retracting her arm, Millie instead wrapped it around her lover’s waist. “I’m perfectly happy with the loud and late, no worries.”

  “Loud and…?”

  “Wait. I’ll wait for you. It’s my first time, too, after all, better make sure we do it right!” Millie went in for a kiss but instead tenderly licked all around her lover’s lips.

  Eva fidgeted. “A-Aha, that’s really ticklish! But it feels so good, too…!”

  “Do mine next!”

  “S-Sure!” Eva whispered, and did as asked, carefully tracing the outline of Millie’s lips with her tongue. “I never imagined something like this could feel so naughty.”

  “Pretty good, isn’t it?”

  A silent nod was all Eva managed, before going in for some additional licking, resulting in them accidentally tying themselves together; Millie apparently had quite the dextrous tongue, something Eva privately wondered as to the efficacy of vis-à-vis certain highly personal areas of her body…

  They were briefly interrupted by Isla waking and poking her head over the edge of her bunk. She smiled, bleary-eyed. “So Millie pounced, huh? Congrats, both of you!”

  Millie grinned at her friend’s upside down face, happy to know Isla was apparently already versed in these relationships. “Yep, couldn’t resist, Eva’s just too much of a cutie. Thanks!”

  Eva nodded silently, embarrassed at being discovered in bed with another girl. “Um, thank you!”

  Isla’s head vanished upward, her loose hair whipping up and out of sight. “Back to sleep I go… night!”

  In an effort to mask their noise a bit, Millie pulled the sheets up and over their heads. This had the additional effect of making things even more cosy and intimate. A few minutes were spent like this, simply kissing and licking lips, occasionally staring into each other’s eyes in the dim depths.

  “I might’ve got a bit carried away tonight, so let’s head to my room tomorrow night when we get back?” Millie suggested. “Or we could hit up Isla first?”

  “That sounds wonderful, yes, I’d like to spend more time with both of you!” Eva whispered back, entirely missing the naughty intent behind her bed friend’s phrasing. She fidgeted, interested in going further, but feeling it was too soon.

  Millie yawned. “Mm, okay, now I feel super tired. Night, Eva!”

  “Night…!” Eva murmured, closing her eyes and attempting to process her new relationship while simultaneously trying to sleep. Not the easiest thing to accomplish, if she was honest…

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