Aida Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

Transferring from their home on Mars, best friends Isla and Anise arrive on Aida, hopeful and eager. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but soon meets someone who can help her discover her destiny, and Anise finally feels like she can truly be who she is.

Alongside their new friends and mentors, Lisa and Mira, Aida's latest arrivals quickly adjust to their new lives, beginning their ascent to idolhood. And along the way, they might both find some new and exciting interests on the side...

Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed lesbian romance novel serial with some 10 books planned, and probably more. This is the free version of the full book and includes everything except the explicit ero scenes, those are mentioned but not directly shown.

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10. Chapter 10

  Next morning, Anise sat up, bleary-eyed, and yawned. Looking down at herself, she blushed at the realisation that neither of them had managed to undress before passing out. Glancing at Lisa, she shivered – a literal shiver of delight – at the idea that this beautiful and sexy girl was her new lover. Leaning down, she gave her a good morning kiss to wake her.

  Lisa’s eyes flicked open. “Mm…? Oh, morning, sexy.” Sitting up, she stretched, noticing immediately her semi-dressed state. “I really need to remember to undress before bed.”

  “Happens often?”

  “Yeah, pretty much. Mira’s found me passed out at my workstation more times than I can count. I normally just crash in bed and worry about changing in the morning.” Lisa jumped out of the bed, giving Anise a kiss on the way past, and pointed to the connecting doorway. “Bath?”



  Anise beamed. “I think I may have died and gone to heaven…”

  Soaking in the wonderfully hot water, they eventually got out, dried and dressed, then headed back to the room. Sitting together on the edge of the bed, hair wrapped up in a towel, Lisa temporarily put her outfit from the previous evening back on until she could pick up a fresh set from her room..

  “Have you travelled much outside of Mars?” she asked, getting comfy.

  “This is actually my first time off-world,” Anise replied, leaning over to rest against her new lover’s arm. “I wanted to come to Aida more than anything, ever since I was really young. My parents were happy to pay for me to come here, but I wanted to help out as well.”

  “So you didn’t take holidays or anything? So you could save up?”


  Lisa’s eyes turned a little moist. “That’s some dedication. Tell you what, how about we take a trip somewhere together?”

  Anise’s eyebrows ascended skyward. “What, like… a holiday?”

  “Something like that.”

  “I’ve only been here a few days!” Anise said with a low laugh.

  “Call it a working holiday, then. Remember, you have virtually total freedom here. And I know a couple of people in Slogh you’ll be interested in meeting. That, and I have a couple of gigs coming up there anyway.”

  Tilting her head up to glance at Lisa’s face, Anise’s own expression morphed into one of confusion. “Slow?”

  “It’s the next city over from here.”

  “Wait, it’s pronounced slow? I thought it was slog!”

  Lisa chuckled. “Common mistake. It’s a really nice city, a lot less… metro? It’s one of those places that started out as a small settlement and kind of grew out, but not up.”

  “I’ve seen pictures, it’s like a little British town!” Anise’s enthusiasm came dangerously close to activating her idolgasm mode. “Isla showed me pictures of where she stayed when she got back to Mars.”

  “Yep, Slogh’s a lovely place despite the unfortunate name. Interested, then?”


  “Great, let’s set something up for weekend after next in that case, and I’ll introduce you to a couple of people.”

  “What are the gigs you mentioned?” Anise asked, sitting upright again.

  “I’m playing at a club on the Friday and Saturday nights. Nothing too fancy, just a few thousand people.”


  “I’ve played for more, though I’m not saying exactly how many,” Lisa said, tickling her bath partner’s sides and making her laugh.

  “Ahaha, no, not there, I’m super ticklish, Lisa, please stop…!”

  Lisa obliged, and placed a soft kiss on Anise’s cheek. “I’ll be sure to remember that little nugget of information!”

  “Jeez, Lisa.”

  “I’ve never tried tickling a girl during sex, actually…”

  “Lisa!” Anise snapped, laughing hard at the general idea.

  “Lemme tell you a little secret. For me, sex is simply another kind of performance, and I’m always looking for new ways to spice those up!”

  “Aaah, you’re such a professional girl, but you manage to be playful and easy-going, too! I feel like the luckiest girl alive right now,” Anise said, pushing her partner down and kissing her, getting a little carried away.

  “You know that old saying, ‘work hard, play hard’? I figure why not do both together?”

  “Yep! And now I’m here on Aida, I intend to do just that.”

  “I’d say you’ve made a pretty good start, my girl, can’t wait to see how you grow!”

  Anise pecked her lips once more, then got up. “So do I! If that makes sense, haha. Oh… speaking of which, better see if Isla’s up.” She ran over and tapped the connecting door. Silence. “Huh, wonder if she’s still asleep.”

  Lisa came over and pointed to a small and nearly invisible panel, roughly an inch across, just to the side of the door. “Press this if you want to get her attention, it’ll play a chime in her room.”

  “Oh, that’s handy, thanks,” Anise said, and touched it.

  A moment later the door swished to one side to reveal Isla, fully awake and dressed in a tracksuit. “I figured that was probably you.”

  “I’d be worried if it was anyone else!” Anise said, laughing. She took a moment to explain the doorbell, then changed subject. “Anyway, morning, Isla! How’d last night go? Come on, let’s hear all the juicy details!”

  Glancing over Anise’s shoulder, Isla saw Lisa was now drying her hair, seated on the edge of the bed in the other room. She waved, receiving a pristine smile in response. “Morning, Lisa!” Returning her attention to her best friend, a lopsided smile appeared on her lips. “Nothing happened. Sorry to disappoint.”

  “Nothing at all? Not even a kiss?”

  “Not even.” Isla coughed. “We were too tired after doing it earlier in the day. Sorry, Anise, looks like I went on ahead…”

  “You jammy cow!” Anise exclaimed. Laughing, she hugged her best friend. “I’m happy for you! How was it?”

  “Unreal. I don’t want to say much, I don’t think it’s really fair when we’ve been intimate as well. But I’ll say this; Mira is incredible. Like… really incredible.”

  “So is Lisa! Looks like we’re doubly blessed, huh?” Releasing her hug hostage, she placed her hands on Isla’s shoulders. “Going to stay with her?”

  “I think so? For a while, anyway.” Isla shook her head, brows furrowed. “I’m not sure, to be honest. I still feel super intimidated, but that’s improved since we were intimate.”

  “Well, I’m here if you want to talk, and I’m sure Lisa will be happy to listen as well if you want a different perspective.”

  Lisa called across, “Any time!”

  Isla waved again. “Thanks!”

  “Well, there’s no need to rush, right? Take your time to work out how you feel,” Anise said, moving her hands.

  “What about you? I’m guessing good news?” Isla continued.

  A smile as radiant as a supernova graced Anise’s face. “Good doesn’t even begin to cover it!”

  “Great!” Isla said, and embraced her friend in return. “So what’s your plan for today?”

  “Today? I’m not sure—”

  Again, Lisa’s voiced floated across. “I’ll be keeping her busy training for her audition. We’ll also need to make some plans for next weekend.”

  Anise turned and gave a thumbs-up. “So she says! We’re heading to Slogh next weekend, just letting you know in advance.”

  “No worries, I’ll be working hard with Mi… slow?” Isla said, brows screwed up in minor confusion.

  Anise had expected this, and explained what Lisa had told her.

  “Oh right, I did wonder about that name. Britain has a lot of names that sound different to how they look. Made my head hurt, haha.” Isla danced forward and hugged her friend. “I’m really glad we came to Aida, Anise, thanks for suggesting we try out for Dreamstar!”

  “Yeah, it’s been a wild ride already, right? And we’ve barely started!” Anise pecked her friend’s cheek and pulled away.

  Lisa switched her hairdryer off and placed it on the bed. She brushed her hair, then pulled it up into a loose ponytail, holding it in place with one hand while she dug about in a pocket for a scrunchy. The waviness resulted in a degree of bushiness, a wild and sexy ponytail that had the net effect of making Anise want to jump her for the third time that morning.

  “P-Ponytail Lisa…! I think I might have gone to second heaven…” Anise muttered.

  Lisa paused, both arms above her head. “Mm? You like ponytails, do you?”

  “More than anything…” Anise breathed. Behind her, Isla blushed, figuring Anise had probably just admitted yet another secret without even realising.

  “I guess I could think about wearing it like this a little more often… I mean, if you really want me to?” Lisa tilted her head a little.

  Anise rose to her expectations without hesitation. “I’ll do anything to see you like this again!”

  Lisa chuckled, finished tying her hair, and stood. She walked across and kissed Anise. “Now, shall we head out?”

  They got ready, Anise speedily drying her hair and bunching it into its usual twintails, then followed Lisa out of the room and up to the third floor so she could change into some fresh clothes. Walking over to the academy domes, they entered one of the domes and prepared for their day.

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