Elevin, sometimes goes by Eve is girl with Nature powers, you could call it. she is the only one with them at least that is what it seems... she goes on an adventure to find someone like her but after ten years she has made no progress until now...


4. we are what?

"why did you want to find me?"

"cause i wanted to help you."

"ya, but why me?"

she just shrugged.

"i think you have a reason."

"i don't think you really want to know."

"yes I do."

"okay well... over the villages there is a Governor or governess or both. your mom was a governess over the nature village."

"cool, so i was like a princess?"  

"no, but you are well known threw out the kingdom 'cause every one knew that Zarias had a child and that she just disappeared. But i thought you didn't think of fairy tales?"

"i don't"

"your mom was married to a human but apparently he had backgrounds of Daivants."

"what power?"

"what i have."

"so you are saying-"

"your father divorced your mother and he got married to a human nine months later they had a child."

"the mother didn't know what Daivants were. and freaked out when she found out, what happened to the parents i do not know."

"you were there daughter which makes you my half sister," MInda nodded her head. 

"wow, sister... umm....hi" 


((wow!!! so ya that just happened. sorry it is a short chapter but i wanted to do it sooner than later so this is all i got!))

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