Elevin, sometimes goes by Eve is girl with Nature powers, you could call it. she is the only one with them at least that is what it seems... she goes on an adventure to find someone like her but after ten years she has made no progress until now...


3. Explaining everything

I took Minda to a small clearing in the woods. there is a big piece of fabric held up by many sticks creating a small tent. in side there was just dirt and nothing else. there were no rocks because i moved them so i didn't have to sleep on them. outside the tent there is a small circle of stones for a fire place. And that was it, it was my home.

"this is where iv'e been living."

"this is it?"

"ya why?"

"this isn't much."

"ya but what else do i need?"

"umm well to start a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, space."

"hmm, i survive."

"what do you do for food?"

"what ever animal i can hunt."

" umm, but you turn in to any animal and can talk to animals isn't that like a human eating a human?"

"don't animals eat animals?"

"ya but other kinds not there own species!"

"well some animals eat there babies."

"your grouse." 

"i can turn part of my body an animal so sometimes i just turn into a frog and eat flies and then turn my stimach into an animal that doesn't eat that much so that I won't need lots of food."

"smart, so I'm i going to have to eat flies?"

"oh umm, we can just hunt some deer."

"good. i was worried for a second,"

"so tell me about the kingdom,"

"the kingdom... hmm... different people have different powers there it usually flows genetically."


"not always but most of the time, anyways the kingdom is like what you imagine for fairy tales."

"i don't think of fairy tales."

"okay then what you would imagine for the olden times, like robin hood."

"i'll take your word for it."

"we have are own village for each different power."

"what if someone with out powers marries someone who is? where will they go, can they stay in the village?"

"well no, they wouldn't be able to, people with out powers can't be in the kingdom."

"that sucks."

"i guess but most of the time people in the kingdom don't like humans."

"we aren't humans?" 

"well we are but not exactly."

"okay do they have a word for us?"

"we are kingdom's name is Daivant, it means power, and we are known as the Daivants." 

"got it."

"anything else you would like to know?"

"why did you want to find me?"

"'cause i wanted to help you."

"ya, but why me?"

she just shrugged. 

"i think you have a reason."

"i don't think you really want to know."

"yes I do."

"okay well..."

((so this is the next chapter i hope you like! if you have any questions cause i didn't explain properly then just ask in the comments! also why do think she wants to help Evelin? i want to here your ideas!))




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