Elevin, sometimes goes by Eve is girl with Nature powers, you could call it. she is the only one with them at least that is what it seems... she goes on an adventure to find someone like her but after ten years she has made no progress until now...


1. Evelin

i was alone i excepted that, i guess. i work better alone i haven't really ever been with any one else. Not that I don't like people it is just, no one likes me. No matter how hard i try to hide my deference's everyone still just thinks i am weird. here is a quick description about my self:

Name: Evelin/Eve

Hair: bright blonde, but the tips are greenish yellow my hair is wavy and it goes down to my shoulders. i was born with colored hair don't know how


Eyes: a brilliant green 

Age: 16

Birthday: uh..... i don't actually know the date but the year is 2000

Ya i don't know my birthday for all i know it could be today which is...umm, okay so i might be living in the woods by my self for the past....six years? i don't know. oh by the way my deference's is that i have powers. i can make things grow,i can talk to animals,i can shape shift, i call it nature powers. i always have thought that there is someone else like me... but i have been searching for did i say it has been six years? ya well i left the orphanage because i don't get along with people cause of ya powers. anyways i ran away to find someone like me but i haven't. and some people are trying to hunt me down because i have my powers and they believe that a sixteen year old shouldn't be entrusted  with them. i don't know what or who these men work for. I really don't know anything. all i know is i am alone and have been left to fend for my self the only thing i have to comfort me is this letter,

     Dear Evelin,

I love you, i want  you to stay with me but it is to dangerous. your father doesn't respect what you have and if he doesn't i know that no one else will. i know you are going to be mocked and hunted but this is the only way you can be some-what safe. i hope you forgive me some day. i hope you  will be okay. please, please forgive me for giving you up.


-your mother Zarias

 it was an old piece of paper and you could tell she was crying as she wrote it there were circles were tears used to be. i don't like to admit it but some fresh tears were on the paper that would come from me. 

that is basically my life, but would you like to here more?...


((so i hope you like!! comment what you think! and I am open to your suggestions on what should happen!)) 



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