Elevin, sometimes goes by Eve is girl with Nature powers, you could call it. she is the only one with them at least that is what it seems... she goes on an adventure to find someone like her but after ten years she has made no progress until now...


2. A kingdom full

The men were chasing me down I  was running as fast as I could, trying to loose them. To be honest these men were good! They were very well trained. I knew I wouldn't  be able to out run them, so i stopped. I turned around and they were right there on my tail. They started to circle around me. There were four of them, they all wore black. I couldn't see any of there faces cause of there masks. 

"Are you guys modern day evil nights?"

they didn't say anything. 

"Can you guys not talk, or do you just choose not to? Okay I am going to ask yes or no questions and you will just shake or nod your head."

"no you won't!" One of them said 

"wow you talked!"

"Shut up stupid girl!" Another one said 

"You guys aren't very nice." 

"Your coming with us!" The third one said 

"umm how 'bout...NO!" i made vines come up around there legs making it so that they couldn't move "sorry but i just can't let you take me. it wouldn't be very nice. anyways who are you guys?" i started taking there masks off. the first guy was probably in his late twenties, he has black hair and brown eyes. "what is your name."

"i won't tell you anything!"

"hey you are the one that called me a stupid girl! well for that-" i slapped him in the face, "sorry"

"Don't you hurt him!" one of the men yelled.

"and who are you?"  i pulled the off the mask of the next "night". he looked just like the other one but younger he seemed only seventeen. "are you his brother?"


"Peter you shall not speak."

"Peter huh? okay next you are?" i pulled the helmet off of the next person but it reveled a girl this time. she had purple hair and eyes. she stuck her head up and didn't speak. i had the sudden urge to fight and take out the first boy and the one that i have not seen yet so i knocked them out. they couldn't fight me cause they were tied up.

"what did I just do?" 

"you did what i asked." the girl said

"you spoke?"


"then how-"

"i am like you,"

"WHAT?!" the boy named Peter yelled.

"but my powers are different i can read minds, control minds and erase memories." 

"YOU WHAT?" Peter asked again.

"Peter please be quite. sorry ignore my boyfriend, i want to help you."

"help me do what?"

"get rid of the guys who are chasing you down."

"YOU ARE A TRATER!!" Peter yelled

"and you don't know what you are fighting for! we will have this talk later!"

"no we won't cause i am breaking up with you!"

"whatever. My name is Minda it means Knowledge and knowledge come from you mind and my mind is basically my powers." 

"how did your parents know that you were going to have powers?"

"because they have mind powers to." 


"Yes really."

"are there more people like us?" 

"ya, there is a whole kingdom!"

"a kingdom? what year are you from?"

"2000 but are kingdom is in another land and it is known as, well, a kingdom. but people are being captured by the Blagdan and are taking there powers."

"okay, and you are dating one of them."

"Not any more!" Peter yelled

"yes but he doesn't know what he is doing. see ask him what he is fighting for."

"Peter!" i yelled.


"why are hunting me down?"

"because you are evil! and a monster!"

"what have i done that is evil?"


"see," Minda said "they tell them one thing and make them believe that it is true. they tried it on me not knowing that i am what they call a monster, i pretended to believe them. i was only pretended so that i could find you, i wouldn't have been able to do it on my own."

"i see, so would you like to see what i call my home?"



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