Loving You (Book 2)

My a ventures into her second year, second book of my Loving You series. After her heart break with Sirius, Mya becomes his friend, and both still reveal there true feelings.


2. Back to school

Lily, James, Molly, Sirius and I walked to kings cross together, in the mist of crowded streets we stood out like a sore thumb, the five of us kids, all with rattling trolleys, crashing against metal cages, with owls of all ages or toads or cats.

We ran through the wall and the station was filled with white smoke, and children with long black robes on, we boarded the train, and two familiar looking faces, Remus and a girl, she had short, brown hair with a streak of pink, and robes of Gryffindor. She was presumably in her second to third year, but she looked so familiar.

"Hi guys this is-" Remus said before being cut off by me.

"Tonks!" I yelled.

"You know her?"

"Yes, she lived a couple streets away from me, before I moved into Tyler's manner, we use to see each other at the park!"

"Really, awesome!'

She gave me a hug, and I hugged her back. We use to be best friends back in good old days, before I moved when my Nan left the Tyler's manner in my Dads will.

"Mya, it's so good to see you!" She said.

"I know, the best" I replied.

"Remember when we use to play hide and seek"

"Yea, you always cheated by metamorphing into others!"

James, Sirius and Remus looked at me weirdly, giving me a help-us-understand look.

"Tonks is a metamorphogus, she transform herself into something else" I explained.

"Huh?" James said to me.

"She can shape shift"


"Show them"

So she did, she changed her hair to all pink and her lips ruby red.

"Cool" they said 

She smiled, changing I her hair and lips back.

"Yes, I've been friends with Mya since before her mother, um" she said.

I winced.

"Sorry, bad choice of words" she replied.

We sat there in complete silence for a while, the carriage got kind of cramped with seven of us so James, Sirius and I left to a next door carriage, which just happened to be the carriage we met. Coincide, only cuz the magic writer wants a plot twist!

"Deja vu much?" I said.

"Only too much!" James replied.

Then a slightly chubby boy, with blinding hair knocked on our carriage, I opened the door, he was leaning on the glass so he fell over when I opened it.

"Hey, I know you, you fell off your broom every class we had!" Sirius said laughing.

He blushed bright red, as he got up "Peter, Pettigrew"

"Sirius, James and Mya, Wormy"

"It's Peter"

"Ok, I will call you Wormy,"

"Ok, um, can, can I sit?"

"Sure, in a different carriage"


"Get out, Wormy"


He left, we, sat there for a while when we came up on Hogsmede station 



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