Loving You (Book 2)

My a ventures into her second year, second book of my Loving You series. After her heart break with Sirius, Mya becomes his friend, and both still reveal there true feelings.


1. Summer Ends

This summer was awesome, dad took me to France, Lily Evans and Molly Prewitt came over for a sleepover (which was the best), finally there was no Sirius, but the summer fun had to stop as school was in a weeks time. Three days before Hogwarts is when we set out for Diagon Alley, I met up with Lily and Molly there. We read are school supplies while eating an ice-cream at Frosties place, books were first on the list, so went to the bookshop first.

"Excuse me madam" Lily said to the lady at the counter.

"Yes darling?" She said croakily.

"Can you help us with our school books"

"Yes, of course I can sweetheart"

So she helped us with our books, my dad hexed a bag for me with a endless bottom charm, so that I could carry everything in a tiny bag, which was very light. Lily looked at me with complete shock and awe when I fit everything into a bag the size of an adults hands.

After all our stops, it was still halfway through the day, so we decided to look at owls for Lily, there was an owl with big, sparkly, brown eyes, and pure, white feathers rimmed with brown and black. She was gorgeous, and was only a few weeks old, I decided to get her and share her with Molly and Lily since they didn't have owls, plus it was Lily's idea to come here in the first place.

Then it was my stop, I wanted to look at broomstick, neither Molly or Lily were interested but they were such good friends, they tagged along anyway. there was the fastest broom on the market there, on sale. I figured, if I didn't get on the team, I could practice with it. So I bought it for a grand price of 110 galleons. What a deal!

Now it was Molly's stop, I guessed it would be the sweet shop, I was very correct. We bought, pink coconut ice, chocolate wand, jelly slugs, droobles best blowing gum, and finally Bernie's every flavour beans. Wasn't really looking forward to those.

By now it was late and we stayed at the Three Broomstick inn, unfortunately, Sirius was staying in the room next to us, and had noticed me walking in from the sweet shop. He knocked on the door, I answered slamming the door in his face. We did this for hours, an then finally I opened the door.

"What do you want?" I said slyly.

"Look, I'm sorry, about last year" He said beggingly.

"For what? breaking my heart, or lying to me"

"I didn't lie, and I didn't think, because when my lips touched your face, I was in love, if I thought I would've ruined it, then when James came in, I panicked. And words slipped out my mouth"

"That's sweet, apology accepted, we can be friends, by the way, I got fastest broom on the mart"

"Really? Awesome, but now I know your going to score higher than me on try outs"

"I was going to already, butt face"

"Haha, show me the broom"

I went into the room and brought out my Nimbus 1099, he looked at me in complete shock, this was the latest broom to come out and the fastest. I felt so proud.

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