Doll was all they knew her by, she was the daughter of a mafia man, and was soon to be a mob boss herself. She made her way around, getting into scandals and crimes, when all she wanted was more. She wanted to be a simple New York girl with a life of beating up guys, getting good grades, and helping her family, but, one thing held her back. An arranged marriage. Sean "Jack" Mcloughlin was the youngest of P.O.I.W., and swore to protect the world as Jackieboy-man. He could phase through walls, see days, sometimes months, into the future, and use telekinesis. When he wasn't fighting crime, he was a struggling reporter who was assigned to the mafia cases. Questioning Doll was his only way of getting information. And he did a lot more than question. Mark "Iplier" Fischbach was a business man, working for his mob 'Roselia', and only Doll knew who he really was, since they were to be married. He was the notorious criminal The Silver Shepard, apart of K.O.S., he trafficked drugs and stole and killed, and was to be married to Doll in half a year, almost. His business side was... Complicated. He was a police. The perfect job for a wanted criminal. These three are important. They will end you if you don't play along.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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