Peak Hunters

Oslo and MeeMee, two planet explorers are set course for the frozen world of Tenjiin to climb the tallest mountain in the sector, and finally have someone name it. They are not average lifeforms, but are two best friends that will stick together till the end. [24 Hour Competition]


1. Entering Orbit

"Hyper Drive Thrusters are coming to a close! We'll be exiting Warp Space in two minutes, fifty eight seconds." a ferret yelled, tapping a small keyboard in front of him. He wore a small leather jacket and spoke down a microphone on a big headset. The two figures sat in a tiny space ship, composing of just an atrium and a cockpit. The ferret sat at a screen and keypad in the atrium, just behind the other figure who sat in the cockpit.

"Shall I deactivate the main Control Drive?" a humanoid-bird replied as she held down a lever at her side. The bird wore a small vest with insignia all over it, and also wearing a big headset on her head with a built-in blue visor.

"If you can, that would be lovely." the ferret responded, still typing at light speed. The bird yanked back the lever like a hand brake in a car, and the ship started to jerk and rumble. 

"Ten seconds!" the ferret shouted. "Entering orbit of Tenjiin in three... two... one!" and in the blink of the human eye, the ship popped out of a hole in space and slowed to a gentle movement. The bird smiled and bounced in her seat with glee. 

"We made it! Oslo, we made it!" she cheered, and the ferret looked over his shoulder as he took off his headset. 

"We sure have, MeeMee. We sure have... I told you our little ship could do it." he smiled as he got up out of his seat and hopped on all-fours along the smooth floor to MeeMee, his teeny claws ticking on the floor with each step. He clambered onto her shoulder and the two of them stared out at the gargantuan, crystal-white sphere. "Tenjiin..." 

"It's so preeeetty from up here." MeeMee grinned, the bright white glinting in her eyes. 

"Sure is, friend. But we're not going to climb that mountain from in here." Oslo laughed, twitching his whiskers and MeeMee giggled to her companion. 

"Nope! You're quite right! Come-come! We've got a mountain to climb 'n' name!" she said with an excited smile as she darted out of her chair and into the atrium. 

The two were soon dressed in thick, fluffy clothing; well suited for the icy weather of Tenjiin, hauling hulking backpacks that weighed down their shoulders. They wore orange goggles and buckles and straps crossed all over their to hold all of the equipment. MeeMee was still slotting her foot into a hefty and furry boot, with spikes on their soles, whilst Oslo was all set to go. 

"Eeeee! Come oooon! Get in!" she squeaked as Oslo was intently watching her, his head tilted to the side. 

"Need a paw?" he asked, an amused smirk on his face. 

"NOPE!" MeeMee yelped, her arms shaking as she tried to slip on the huge boot. Her efforts paid off as the boot finally slipped on. Gloating, "HA! See!", she stood up and stuck her tongue out to him. 

"Bravo." he chuckled, "Now, have you got everything?" 

"Of course I do!" 

"Anti-ice water?" 


"Food pills?" 


"Oxygen mask?" 


"Ice picks?" 
MeeMee froze. 

"No..." she admitted. Oslo pointed a thumb over his shoulder behind him to two climbing pickaxes hanging on a hook on the wall. "Whoops." MeeMee sniggered, walking to get them as she scratched the back of her neck 

"Right, I've checked your bag before hand anyway. You now have everything." he mocked. "In fairness, that's only one item you forgot. I remember when we went to the jungle planet and you forgot to bring a total of seven items!" 
MeeMee scowled at him as she tied her pickaxes to her backpack. 

"It wasn't funny!" 

"Oh yes it was! Those insects loved you without your repellent!" Oslo continued. MeeMee still frowned as she folded her arms in a huff. "Ohhh come on now, Mee. I'm only pulling your tail feathers." he apologised, snaking his way up onto her shoulder like a squirrel clambering up an oak tree. "Come on, let's Beam down to the base of the mountain and get started. This mountain won't name itself." MeeMee gave him a very forgiving look and she walked into a small pod on the left-hand side of the atrium. Pressing a select amount of buttons, the two of them vanished in a bright blue light.

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