The memories of childhood and family are infinite. Loving. Painful


1. Constants

At first she lived in a series of bottles; trapped in places for an undeterminable amount of time. The first bottle was shining chrome, all polished and ready for auction, but coated with oil and heavy with exhaust fumes on the inside. She was never truly alone there, everyone milling around and checking to see if she was proper and functional.

The second bottle was vast but filled with claustrophobia. It was dusty, ruled by winds and empty promises of good prices and best buys of the century. She was not alone there either, others like her stretched on both sides – yawning lines of metal and glass. She stayed in that bottle for a while, others disappearing while she remained.

Then she became an impulse buy, the best or maybe worst decision of someone’s life. She was given an owner and someone to care for her properly. She was an old classic, with soft leather seats and an atmosphere of warm embraces. This third bottle she found herself in was not a prison, but a home. She was there for more than a while but she didn’t mind that.

She was a constant. Growing up with her owner and carrying him through the days both memorable and forgettable. She watched as she was filled with open air and love, her owner orbiting around another. Through her they travelled to the beach, the sand still stuck in air vents and carpets, to cinemas, homes and forests. To a church hall, where she was decorated with white lettering and congratulations. To a hospital, rushing down darkened roads as pained grunts echoed from the backseat. The shriek of brakes upon arrival. The departure of two people soon to become three.

She now had a family. Ever growing. Ever loving.

She travelled to home, to school, had birthday cakes held preciously on her seats. She had glitter now stuck in every crack, escaping many attempts of removal. There were small, sticky fingers on windows leaving their imprints for days. There were toys or teddy’s seat belted along with humans.

Back to the hospital. Three soon to become four. Coming back with only three. Old, young, and younger yet.

She was the only thing to be functioning perfectly that day. Like aforementioned, she was a constant. 

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