My hearts fault (H.S)

He didn't have to save me but he did but to him I'm thankful because if he never saved me I would have never met him and if I would've never met him I wouldn't have found my one true love


2. 1

Let's back it up here were going a bit too fast let's start with introductions my name is Jenna Ann Marie I am 19 yrs old I have below shoulder length brown curly hair, hazel eyes, tan skin

I currently finished high school and I got accepted into Boston's performing arts school but they have us a year and six months break before we start cuz there will be a showcase for a bunch of recording labels to come see during the summer do we won't be capable of having a summer break any who I am currently in my apartment in sandiego where I'm packing to ship all my stuff to

my apartment in Boston

So as I was packing my pictures I looked to the pile that has boxes in it and I realized that I ran out so I dee died to go to a close dollar tree to buy more boxed I decided to walk instead of taking my car since it was only a 4 to 5 min walk as I was walking I felt someone was following me I looked back but I didn't see anyone so I just kept on walking till I finally got up dollar tree

*skip the dollar tree

Now I was heading back home but I still had the feeling that someone was watching me

So as I was heading down the street someone took me by the wrist and took me into a black van then put a cloth over my mouth then everything went black

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