The girl who saw....

The story of how hades lost and found Persephone after a tragic accident.


1. The butterfly

It was just an ordinary boring day. Boring homework, boring shows on tv, and just boring everything. Between trying to watch cutthroat kitchen and my calculus homework I wasn't getting anywhere. My head was trying to do both the show and my homework. It oblivious won't work. I need to take a break and do something else. Deciding to go for a walk down in the neighborhood.

"​Hey, mom, I'm going to go for a walk." I yell up to my mom. She was in her room again "sick". Always pretending to be sick so she won't have to go to work.

"Did you finish........your homework?" But she did care if I finished my homework.

"Of course I did mom. I'll see you in an hour." Putting my sneakers on and a hoodie. It was early autumn, late September almost October. Also almost my 18th birthday I was excited but I'm not sure if my mom will plan anything yet or not. Hopefully my dad will call on my birthday he hasn't called me in 3 months, but he always calls me on my birthday. I stepped outside and it began to rain. Thank gosh I had a hoodie on. I pulled the hood on over my head and began walking. Sooner or later it will stop raining, but I'm not ready to let it make me go back inside. Treading through the rain and onto the side walk I turn right. Slowly I just walk on the side walk just thinking about anything but that homework I have to finish when I get back.

My dad, I wonder why he hasn't called in a while. He likes just knowing about everything since he lives so far away now that him and my mom are divorced. I think he lives somewhere out west. He was some body who works with rocks, its a weird job. Out of the corner of my eye I something bright, and orange. Strange we don't have butterflies like that here, and why is it flying now that it's raining. I thought it  would ruin the butterflies wings if they got wet. But looking closer at him on a close mailbox I see that he isn't wet at all.

"Where are you from little guy?" I whisper to him and reaching under him with my finger to try and catch him. He took flight right when I got close. Typical butterfly, always seducing people into trying to catch you. Ignoring it now, I continue walking. I can still see the butterfly out of the corner of my eye. Turning towards it, I see him fly to the closest mailbox to me. He just sits there, waving my hands at him to have him fly away from me he beats his wings once and flies away. But once I stop waving my hands around and stand still he lands right back on the mailbox.

"Are you following me, Mister?" I ask him. Wow, I'm talking to a butterfly. Can butterflies follow you? What am I thinking, it's a butterfly, an insect. They don't know how to do that. Shaking my head I take my phone out with my headphones and started playing music. Summer by Calvin Harris plays in my ears. Walking along the side walk again and jamming along to my music I see the orange butterfly again. Why is he still here? Ignoring it I turn left on the street and go to the other side walk. Jogging to get to the other side quickly. Turning towards where the butterfly was I see he isn't there any more.

"Ha ha ha. Don't want to follow me anymore do you?" I laugh in its absent direction. Moving along the side walk. Soon I see the orange butterfly in sight again but this time it's in my face. I scream and jump back. The butterfly just lands on one of my out stretched hands. What is with this butterfly? His legs were tickling my hand a little. Soon my hand starts to burn.

"What the fuck? Butterfly get off me!" I swing my arm down to throw the butterfly off my hand. It's successful. I laugh in triumph.

"I think your lucky you got it off in time. He might have killed you. Butterflies you never know who their next victim will be." I froze. A dark, sexy drawl of a voice came from behind me. I was still frozen, I wasn't sure what to do. No one ever talks to me while I walk around the neighborhood.


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