The girl who saw....

The story of how hades lost and found Persephone after a tragic accident.


2. Him

Coming to my senses I turn around to face the stranger. He was handsome, with a darkness about him. "Well you never know, at least you were here to save me right. " I give a nervous laugh. I take out my head phones so I can hear him better. When he speaks next it frightens me.

"How come your here out by yourself, Miss?" His mouth never moves while I hear these words being spoken. This time I can't help it I scream. Well what I thought was a scream, when I go and try and scream nothing comes out.

"What is going on?" This was getting very freaking very quickly.

"My mom is expecting me back home any minute now." I say trying to sound tough. It wasn't working for him since he just threw his head back and laughs.

"What makes you think that I want to hurt you Allie? I'm a friend you just don't know it yet." He walks close to me. Leaning forward and he pulls a strand of hair from my hood. I can't move I am so scared that something bad will happen.

"You never smelled this good before." What was he talking about I don't know this guy. I just stare at him bewildered and frightened. He looks up at  my face.

"My apologize I just forgot that's all." Dropping my hair and getting into a business like stand.

"You don't know me but my name is Ha--Hank." He rushed the last part.

"Do you not know your name, Hank?" Putting his name in air quotes.

"Well I do. It's just you make me nervous Allie." Wait a minute. That is the second time he has called me by my name. I don't remember ever telling him.

"Don't worry you did." Oh my gosh can he read my thought's? This is getting weird first he doesn't speak through his mouth now he knows my name? What else is going to happen? "Well you won't really remember much except that you came for a walk and went home and took a nap." He said quickly looking at him he blew some dust into my face. It looked a black crystal color. Once it hit my eyes I felt drowse. "Don't worry my dear I will have you back from them soon Persephone, you just know to much right now." I felt someone's strong arms under me, picking me up. He placed a kiss on my forehead before I lost all conciseness.


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