One last mockingjay

Snows granddaughter wants Katniss to pay for killing her grandfather so she hosts one more hunger games for the districts.


1. chapter 1

'Willow! Dinner is ready!' I shout.

'I'm not hungry' she yells back.

I look and Peeta and he shrugs 'let her be. It has to go through her mind.'

I nod, I had just told Willow about everything... Prim... Peeta.... Rue. I knew that it had to sink in. Peeta and I started eating. Then Ryes came through the door.

'Hey mum and dad' Ryes already knows about the hunger games. I told him this morning before he went hunting.

'Hey' I said. 'Anything interesting to tell about?'

' well... Actually there was this lady looking for you mum'

'What did she look like'

'Blonde hair blue eyes, looks like Prim but it couldn't be her...'

Suddenly the door opened and there stood my mum.

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