Lies |Fortunes Book Two|ON HIATUS|

Do lies breed misfortune, or does misfortune breed lies? When your life is a horrid labyrinth of the two, how can you tell? [SEQUEL TO FORTUNES:]

CURRENTLY ON HIATUS! (So I don't get the timeline confused while I re-write the first one)


5. Chapter 4: Lasting Damage

"What are you doing?!" Sorcellerie asked, attempting to pull him away from the other boy. "Stop that!"

"Fine," Jinseinoshi growled at the boy. "But if I see you or any of your buddies pulling anything like that again, I won't go easy on you."

The boy nodded frantically and ran away down the hall.

"What was that about?" Sorcellerie asked. "You can't just go around fighting people."

"They were picking on him," Jinseinoshi explained. "It's not his fault he's got anxiety."

"Who are you talking about?" Sorcellerie asked. "There's no one here."

Jinsienoshi looked down the hallway before sighing in reply. "He must have run off, I should probably go find him."

"Who are you talking about?" Sorcellerie questioned, following his gaze as he looked up and down the hallway.

She didn't get a reply, instead the looked back to see that Jinseinoshi had already begun making his way down the hallway in search of the mystery boy he had been defending. Shaking her head, she decided to talk to Alkhimiya and see if she could find some answers.

She knocked on the door before walking into the room to see Alkhimiya sitting at her desk, looking between three different books while writing furiously in a beat up looking notebook. Noticing Sorcellerie presence, she closed her notebook and stacked the books in the corner of her desk.

"Is something wrong?" She asked. "You look puzzled."

"Yeah, Jinsei just beat up some kid in the hallway," Sorcellerie explained. "He said he was defending someone, but there was no one there."

"Yes, I heard the whole thing. The fighting was justified, I assure you," Alkhimiya grinned. "Did he put my teachings to good use? I didn't teach him to fight so he could lose like a little ninny after all."

"I'm sure there was a more civilised way to resolve the situation," Sorcellerie sighed, sitting down on the edge of Alkhimiya's desk. "I just don't want to see any more fighting. Not after what happened with my father."

Alkhimiya put a comforting hand on her arm. "I understand. If it makes you feel better, Jinsei didn't throw the first punch."

"A little bit," Sorcellerie admitted. "I don't know, it's just been hard to fully trust him again after hearing about what he did to his parents...I know why he did it, but still..."

"Yes, that is quite a problem. I can see how that may strain your friendship," she agreed. "I'm sure he already told you this, but he didn't do what he did intentionally and he regrets it everyday."

"I know, it's just...he killed his parents! That's not a child misbehaving, Miya," Sorcellerie explained."I'm trying, but when I see him fighting..."

"You think he could do it again, yes?" Alkhimiya asked. "He wouldn't. He doesn't even resort to violence unless someone else is threatened."

"I just don't know, it's hard to get over," Sorcellerie tried to explain. "There's just been so much violence and bloodshed in my life in the past year that I'm not sure how much more I can take."

Alkhimiya opened her mouth as if she was to reply, but was interrupted by the headmistress' voice over the school's PA system.

"There has been reports of suspicious persons on school property. We ask all students to stay calm and proceed to the nearest classroom or dormitory until further notice."

The two girls looked at each other in confusion before Alkhimiya opened her door to make sure no students were left with no safe place to go, while Sorcellerie looked to the window to see if she could spot any strange activity. Soon enough, Alkhimiya joined her by the window, not having found any children to usher into the room.

"It doesn't look like there's anything there," Sorcellerie looked to her friend.

"Perhaps it was a false alarm?" Alkhimiya shrugged.

No sooner had the words left her mouth, than an explosion erupted across the yard. Through the window, they could just barely see a large column of fire where the greenhouse had once been. They gasped and looked at eachother, before rushing across the room, ready to help whoever they could. Then, once again, the headmistresses voice came back over the PA system.

"Please don't panic," the tremble in her voice could be heard even through the static. "All students are to make their way to the dining hall, with the exceptions of students with abilities surrounding water and fire. Those students will make their way to the greenhouse. But most importantly, stay calm."


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