Lies |Fortunes Book Two|ON HIATUS|

Do lies breed misfortune, or does misfortune breed lies? When your life is a horrid labyrinth of the two, how can you tell? [SEQUEL TO FORTUNES:]

CURRENTLY ON HIATUS! (So I don't get the timeline confused while I re-write the first one)


3. Chapter 2: Letters & Witch Hunters

At the dinner table that night, Edmund sat with them, though he didn't eat so much as nibble at his food as he read a letter he had gotten earlier that day and had not gotten a chance to read. 

"How are you liking the school so far Edmund?" Sorcellerie asked, hoping to get her brother the least bit involved in the conversation.

"It's fine," he replied, finishing reading the letter and reaching to dig in his bag for a pen and paper to reply.

"You should really eat something, you've hardly touched your food," she continued to attempt a conversation.

"I am! I'm multi-tasking," Edmund persisted, stuffing a carrot stick in his mouth as he began to write, just to spite his older sister.

Sorcellerie sighed and began to push her own food around her plate.

"Relax, he will be fine. If he is writing these letters it means he has friends, no?" Alkhimiya reassured. "He is old enough to handle himself."

"I know, I just worry," she replied, then turning to Jinseinoshi continued. "What's your take on this?"

Jinseinoshi, who had been staring off into space for the duration of their conversation snapped back to reality. 

"Pardon?" he asked. "I wasn't paying attention."

"Edmund is hardly talking and hardly eating. All he's doing is reading and writing letters and I'm worried," Sorcellerie explained. "Miya thinks I'm overreacting, what do you think?"

"Maybe you are. Think about it this way, how long as he survived without you fussing over him?" Jinsienoshi 

Sorcellerie opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Headmistress McGuffin who had been making her way through the dining hall collecting various students.

"Mr Prophetie, will you please come with me? It's nearly time to introduce the new student's to the school," she told more than asked.

"Sounds fun," replied Edmund, voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'll be right back I guess."

As Edmund walked across the room with McGuffin towards the mass of students she had already gathered, Aervisce shot across the table and snatched up the letter Edmund had been reading. As she began to read, Cretine peered over her shoulder to get a look.

"No wonder he was so eager to write back," Cretine informed them. "It's from a girl."

"From the looks of it, I'd say they're in a relationship," Aervisce added. "Though if they're sending letters back and forth it must be long distance."

"Who is she?" Sorcellerie asked. "Is she trouble?"

"Hard to tell," Aervisce replied. "She's really only talking about how her day is going and when they can see each other."

"It says here her name is Martha," Cretine answered. "Do you think it's the Martha from your dad's basement?"

"Witch huntress Martha?" Sorcellerie clarified. "I hope not, she won't be good for him. Pass me the letter, I know her handwriting."

"Don't you think it's wrong to be snooping through his things?" Jinseinoshi asked. "I know you're worried about him, but don't you think you should ask?"

"He could be dating a witch hunter," Alkhimiya explained. "His safety could be at risk."

"Darn it!" Sorcellerie exclaimed. "She typed it! How am I supposed to know if it's her?"

"You're not," Jinsienoshi replied. "If you're so concerned you should ask him, you're invading his privacy."

"Attention everyone!" McGuffin called from the front of the hall, effectively silencing the conversation. "It is time to introduce this year's new students!"

"Pay attention," Jinsienoshi told them. "There's someone here I want you to know."

"Miss Aercia Acheflow,"

A noble looking girl with honey-wheat skin and thick black hair flowing down her back. She looked displeased at the use of this name, scanning the students before her with her blue brown eyes before walking slowly back to her seat, seeming not to mind all of the eyes following her every move.

"Miss Alora Wiley,"

A short and slender girl with long brown-red hair and pale skin. Her dark blue eyes looked over the people watching her with a nervous shine. She speed walked to her friends as soon as she was able, calling out names as she went, book bag dangling at her side the entire way.

"Miss Bekka Cunningham,"

"I said don't give out my last name," the girl snarled in reply, McGuffin seemed not to take notice of the comment as the girl walked back to her seat. The girl was short and had a dirty blonde pixie-cut with hidden streaks of black. Her long lashed, hazel eyes were glaring daggers at McGuffin as a midnight black cat on a leash led her to her seat.

"Mr Edmund Prophetie,"

Edmund looked like he would rather be somewhere else, probably writing a letter to Martha. He had gained a few pounds over the summer, giving him a healthy appearance. He had cut his hair as well, and it now was pushed back in a short rock style hair cut. He calmly swaggered back to his seat, and thankfully for everyone at the table, the twins had long since put his letter back where it had been.

"Miss Kaitlyn Scribo,"

A short girl with a head of curly cherry black hair, and olive skin. Her dark eyes surveyed the students in front of her before moving to sit back at her seat. She looked almost mean, but just one glance at her and you could tell she was nothing like Blair or Sabrina.

"Miss Sarah Mutual,"

A girl who seemed to be of average height, with a chestnut coloured bob, lightly tanned fair skin with freckles along her nose and cheekbones. The lenses of a pair of greenish grey glasses separated her dark brown eyes from the world, and her bow shaped lips curled up in a smile. She gave a small wave as she left McGuffin's side to sit back with her friends.

"Miss Savannah Quinzel,"

A tall, pale, girl with a mop of dirty blonde curls, fair skin and blue eyes. If the Harley Quinn bag at her side was any indication, she was into comic book heroes, or rather villains. She looked nervous being in front of everyone, and quickly made her way back to her seat. 

"Mr Sjelse Trolldom,"

The small, pale, boy Alkhimiya and Jinsienoshi had met in the gardens earlier that day. His dark, blue-green eyes darted around the room, looking at the people in front of him with an anxious shine. He was visibly shaking, causing his red-blond hair to ruffle slightly. He turned to walk back to his seat, but in his nervousness tripped, causing a few laughs throughout the room. Getting up he looked around, then seeing an exit ran out of the room.

"The poor dear," Alkhimiya shook her head.

"Tsk tsk," McGuffin shook her head with an air of disappointment. "That was cruel, I'm very disappointed in you all." 

The room went silent.

"Go back to your meals, that's everyone," the headmistress sighed. 

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