Sins of the Father

Nevaeh lost her parents at the age of 5 under mysterious circumstances. Sixteen years later a stranger shows up to help her find the answers she has searched for all those years and reveals a secret about herself.


1. Prologue

August 8, 2000

16 Years Earlier

Five-year-old Nevaeh was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud thud. Startled she sat up in bed and listened intently. She thought she heard voices. One was definitely her mother's voice, but the other she didn't recognize. It wasn't her father. She was sure of it. She heard her mother's panic stricken voice say " Please don't do this. " The unknown man answered " Your daughter must die. " Nevaeh heard her mother scream and then another thud. Nevaeh sat in her bed terrified as she heard her parent's bedroom door open and then footsteps coming towards her room. She sat frozen, staring at her door when she heard a whisper in her ear. " Get in the closet now. " Nevaeh scrambled off her bed and went to her closet. Before she closed the door she looked for the source of the voice and saw no one. She closed the door and went to the back of her closet. She could hear the door of her room opening now. She trembled and began to cry softly. The footsteps were coming near the closet now. Suddenly she heard a low growl and then a blinding flash of light shone between the cracks of her closet door. She sat huddled in the corner, unsure if she should move or not when she heard the same voice again. " It's safe now Nevaeh. " She opened the door and peered out. Her walls looked like they had been scorched, but there was no sign of the owners of the mysterious voices. She slowly crept out of her room towards her parents. The door was part way open and as she pushed the door open all the way she could see the bodies  of her mother and father, both their throats slashed, lying in a pool of blood. Nevaeh ran out of the house screaming.

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