Sins of the Father

Nevaeh lost her parents at the age of 5 under mysterious circumstances. Sixteen years later a stranger shows up to help her find the answers she has searched for all those years and reveals a secret about herself.


2. 2

August 8, 2016

Nevaeh woke up in a cold sweat. The room was still dark. She had that dream again, about her parents . She had it every year since their mysterious deaths, and always on her birthday. Today she turned 21. Over the years some aspects of the dream seemed to change, but she wasn't quite sure why. She remembered that night vividly and none of the changes in the dream made sense.

She felt movement beside her. Nevaeh sighed as she cut on the light, thinking to herself " I really need to quit drinking. " She looked to her left and saw the lump under the blanket. " No time to be subtle, " she said to herself She placed her feet on the guy shoving him off the bed. " Wakey, wakey. Get dressed and get out. "

She heard a thud as the guy hit the floor, followed by numerous swear words as he stood up. " What the fuck is wrong with you ? Nevaeh got up and headed for her bathroom as she spoke " I got to go to work. I expect you to be gone by the time I come out.  Oh and if you take anything, I know where you live and where you work. " She held up his driver's license and his employee tag for a local moving company. She tossed them on the bed and she walked into the bathroom.

Nevaeh stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking at herself. She was petite standing only 5'3 and weighing 92 pounds soak and wet with long wavy strawberry blonde hair, and eyes that seemed almost unnaturally blue. She wondered about her dreams again as she walked over to the shower, set the water, and climbed into the tub. She thought back to the night her parents died. She was 5 years old and she had sworn there was someone there that had helped her to safety, but she never saw that person that night, only heard him. In her dream last night  she had seen a shape standing at the foot of her bed as she turned around to close her closet door.


Nevaeh left her small apartment and headed to work. She was a part-time instructor at a kickboxing studio. She had been working their 6 months before she finally saved enough to get the place she was currently living. Before that she had spent most of her time on the streets, moving from shelter to shelter after her grandmother died when she was 15. She had been obsessed with finding out what had happened to her parents. The cops had no clues, at least none that led them to a suspect, so the case had gone cold. Nevaeh had continued her search over the years, going beyond the normal, talking to psychics and mediums. They had all told her that something other-worldly had killed her parents and that she had a protector, although they could never get the identity of either. As far as she was concerned until she found out the truth, there was no time for relationships, school or even a full-time job. Nevaeh arrived at the studio and was reaching for the door when she suddenly stopped and turned around. She had thought that someone had been following her since she left home, and it wasn't the first time she had the feeling. " What the hell is wrong with me ? " she mumbled. She turned around and walked inside the studio


From across the street, a young man watched her enter the building. His eyes flashed a preternatural blue as he crossed the street to follow her inside.


Nevaeh had started her warm- up routine. She always got there an hour before her first class to prepare herself. Not that it took much. She had always been naturally athletic. She had speed, flexibility, strength, and endurance. She had started kickboxing when she was 10 and loved it. It was the only hobby  she had and it had paid off by providing her with a temporary job. She heard a sound and turned around to see her instructor, Ben, at the edge of the mat watching her. Nevaeh smiled at him and said " Hey Ben want to go a couple rounds before class ? " He didn't answer, just stood there glaring at her. " Ben ? " He walked onto the mat and finally began to speak. " My father has a message for you. "  Nevaeh  was genuinely puzzled. She didn't even know Ben's father. She suddenly  had a bad feeling and she stepped back. " What's the message ? " Ben's eyes turned red as he drew a knife and came at her. " Die bitch. " Nevaeh reacted quickly, blocking the knife as he brought it down to stab her, gaining control of his arm and twisting it up behind him causing Ben to drop the weapon. " Ben, What the hell is wrong with you ? " Ben answered with an elbow to her face that stunned Nevaeh and she fell to the ground. Ben retrieved his knife and came at her again. Nevaeh turned on her knee and brought her leg up to kick him once in the privates, before getting up off the ground. She felt blood running down her face and leg. He had managed to wound her, while she had only succeeded in pissing him off. He came at her once more but before he could reach her, Ben was grabbed from behind. A dark -haired stranger had come from out of nowhere and was muttering something in a language she didn't understand. Ben suddenly hit the floor.  The stranger looked at Nevaeh, " Are you okay ? " It took a moment before she could speak, but she finally managed, " Oh my God is he dead. " The stranger looked down at Ben, then back at Nevaeh. " Of course not. I was able to exorcise the demon. " Nevaeh's eyes widened, " You were able to what ? " The stranger had bent down to pick up Ben " Is there somewhere I can lay him ? " Nevaeh, feeling more curious than threatened by her mysterious rescuer answered, " There's an office in the back, follow me. "


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