I Need You | Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

"I found myself waking up, his arms wrapped around me, my head nuzzling into his chest."

My summer started as absolute shit. Until I met Luke Hemmings.


7. The friends



We soon headed to Luke's place. It took around 6 minutes to get there. He turned on the radio and pumped up the volume. We were singing so loud, i thought that the whole town could hear us.

The drive didn't take very long. We were at his place before we knew it. Luke and I both walked in and there were 3 guys (his friends I'm guessing,) playing the Xbox.


Im really sorry that it took a while to update. I am going to be Honest, I cannot finish this. I will try to make it close to the end (I already mapped out what was going to happen) if you want me to finish this, please comment that. And sorry that the last chapter sucked. Xoxo stay strong,

-Mariaa xx

There was one with green hair, one with curly hair but wore a bandana, and one with dark hair and eyes.( they were all probably crazy because they were each wearing a teenage mutant ninja turtles costume.)

"This is Lily Brian." Luke spoke, catching their attention. "Lily, meet Micael,( pointing to the green haired), Ashton (pointing to the one in the bandana), and Calum (pointing to the dark haired)" Luke spoke again.

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