I Need You | Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

"I found myself waking up, his arms wrapped around me, my head nuzzling into his chest."

My summer started as absolute shit. Until I met Luke Hemmings.


3. Save me


I was asleep when my phone rung. I checked my alarm, "3:00" I groaned. I picked up the ringing phone thinking it was Calum or Ashton.

Instead, a gentle voice came out the other end, "Hello?" "Who is this?" I asked nervously. "Oh, it's Lily, from the party." She said in a questioning tone. "Lily! Oh um, hi! Are you alright,?" I asked, probably sounding stupid. "Yeah... Actually, no" her fragile voice said.

"Were you crying Lily?" I asked, sitting up on my bed. She didn't answer, only a faint muffle came out. I sighed. "What's your house address? I'm coming over." "No, no you don't have to do that!" She pleaded. "Lily. You're not alright, what's your address?" I asked trying not to sound rude. She finally gave in and I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door.


Im so sorry for the short chapter! I hope you like so far! Xx


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