Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


10. Were on Tour With One Direction



      After relaxing for a few hours the boys had to go to a meeting to figure out for sure if were going on tour with 1D. I was really hoping that the meeting will go well. During the meeting I stayed at the hotel because I didn't want to be following Michael around like a lost puppy. I decided to facetime the family since I was alone. I was halfway through the first ring and my brother answered. I said hi and he looked happy to see me. My whole family came to come talk for a little bit, even Salem joined them. They were asking how the flight went and how is it here. I told them how it was and told them I was waiting for the guys to get back to hear if were going in tour. During our call my sister was telling me how much she missed, I told her I missed her too. We were talking for 20 minutes and then they had to go. I said good bye and hung up. A few moments later all the guy come running in the room screaming and yelling and jumping on beds. I take it that were going on tour?? I ask. they all screamed yes. They were telling me how tomorrow the Tour bus is going to pick us up and we'll leave for tour. I was so excited for this


      Luke went into Ashton and Calum's room for a a little bit. Michael and I were just laying there and I still needed to shower. I get up and grab some clothes and put them in the bathroom. Michael asked what I was doing and I told him I was taking a shower and so he then picked me up and threw me on the bed and said no. I laughed and tried asking him why but instead he just started making out with me. It kept getting more intense then the next thing I knew was we were taking our clothes off. I was letting Michael do whatever he wanted. He then looked at me and asked if I wanted to have sex and I said yes. We were both completely naked and I started to suck his dick. A few moans slipped out of his mouth. After awhile of that he lifted me up and he started to fuck me.  Michael wasn't a virgin and I was. he knew that so he went easy on me. After we finished, we decided to take a shower together.  He was so sweet I loved him. When we got out Luke was back. we both walk out of the bathroom and Luke says, " OHHHHH I KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPEND" with a stupid smirk on his face. I laughed and said whatever ya we had sex don't act like you haven't because I know you have. He turns and looks at me laughing saying, "You've got a valid point Bree". We all got ready for bed since it was a long day. Then we soon went to sleep.


      In the morning we all got up and went to breakfast. Everyone was excited because today was a big day. After we were all ready the tour bus pulled up and loaded our stuff. we all made our to the bus and got in. This thing was huge. Michael and I got lower bunks on the bus. he was on the left and I was on the right. The back of the bus there was a living room like area with a TV and couches and they had a X-BOX set up for them.


  After getting all set up in the bus, we all decided to go watch a movie in the back. The guys picked the movie Step Brothers. As we watched the movie I went and made popcorn for all of us. I get back in the and almost get killed by the guys taking the popcorn from me. They're like a bunch of wild animals. As were watching the movie my phone starts to ring I go answer it in a different room. it was my mom. I answer the phone and all I hear in the background is my sister crying. I ask my mom whats going on and apparently my sister is taking it really hard with me gone. I talked to my sister to try to calm down and she finally did. After awhile my mom got her to fall asleep. I talked for my mom for a minute and told her about the guys. She was happy for them . My mom had to go because she had to work a night shift tonight. I told her I loved her and hung up. When I got back everyone was asking if everything was okay. I said ya and told them about my sister. Then we carried on with the movie


 *** The night of the first show***


    All the guys are at sound check  right now so I decided to clean up a bit and get ready for the show. As im doing my makeup the guys walk in the bus. They all look excited for tonight. Michael came up behind in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me. He starts kissing my neck and I tell him no hickeys because I still had the one from the other day. Michael doesn't listen to me and gives me another. as I try to cover them up with makeup my Phone starts blowing up with twitter notifications. I open up twitter and see what's going on. I look and  Calum posted a picture of Michael and I when I was doing my makeup. Michael was kissing the back of my neck in the picture. Many people had nice things to say, others didn't. Some people were saying I was only with Michael for sex and fame, And that I was a hoe. But then some fans told those people off my saying very nice things about me. Once I was ready, we all walked into the venue. Some fans saw us walking in through a fence so we went over there to say hi. 4 girls were there trying to meet the guys. I took a picture for them with the guys. Then we had to go into the venue. We walked in and right away we see the 1D guys. they all stopped to talk and ask who I was. Once I was introduced to everyone we were all hanging out in one room. The 1D guys seem pretty cool to hang out with. I'm not a huge 1D fan but I know some of there music because of my little sister. I asked if I could facetime her while we were all hanging out, the guys actually found it really cute. After 2 rings my brother answers I told him to put leah on. after he returns with leah I told her I had a surprise for her and all the 1D boys jumped into the camera saying hi to her. She was so shocked and about the cry. Harry told her that she was beautiful and she started blushing. after we talked for a little bit a man walked into the room and said 5 Seconds of Summer its time for you to go on. I told Leah I had to go and I loved and hung up. Harry, Louis, and I went and watched the guys perform. They did so good. They played there song Out of my Limit first. They were doing so good. During the show, Michael looked at me back stage and smiled. Harry and I decided to move to the other side of the stage but during that some fans saw us in there seats and pointed us out. and everyone went nuts. Soon as we got to the other side we were good. The guys were almost finished with their set. Harry was really proud of them. soon as they got of stage, Michael ran off and picked me up and kissed me. I Kissed him back and we went back to the dressing room. After the guys got cleaned up we went and watched part of 1D's show then went back to the bus.




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