Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


17. UK Tour Begins


     When we got to the airport, I was really tired. All the guys were listening to music. I was sitting on Michael's lap while we waited to board our plane. I rested my head on his chest and took one of his ear buds and listen to his music. I must've fell asleep  because I suddenly felt Michael poking my sides trying to wake me up. After I woke up we boarded our plane. I stayed awake on the plane until we took off. After that I fell asleep.

Michael P.O.V.

Were on our way to London right now and I'm getting so excited for the show. I told all the guys the plan. Luke already knew but I told the rest of them on the plane after Bree fell asleep. They were very shocked but also very happy I was going to ask her. When she was asleep she was so cute. I wouldn't mind waking up to her every morning. Luckily with our next tour we have beds instead of bunks so Bree and I can sleep together. Calum was still talking to Ashley he wanted to ask her on tour. He was going to ask her was the tour started. our first show in London is tomorrow I got everything planned to propose to Bree. I really hope she says yes.

   After we landed we walked out of our plane and there were so many fans. Security helped escort us to our cars. The fans were surround our cars so it was really hard to move. Once we got to the hotel, they had the fan under control. once we got our room we could relax. We had one huge room the had separate rooms in it. There were 4 rooms in our room. It was like a little apartment. Bree was really excited to be her. When we got in our room she started jumping on the bed. She looked at me and she said to  think fast and jumped towards me, luckily I caught her and she just laughed. I started kissing her then Calum walked in. He asked Bree to help him ask Ashley to come on tour. They decided to facetime Ashley. when she finally answered Calum just jumped to asking her. She ended up saying yes. She was going to fly up to London later tonight and be here by the morning. 

Bree and I decided we wanted to dye our hair. to go out in public we have to disguise ourselves so no one knows who we are. After we put on wigs and glasses we made our way to the beauty store near by. I was going to dye my hair black. Bree didn't know what color she wanted yet. When we got there she found the bleach and she got purple and pink hair dye. Once we paid we walked back to our hotel. Luckily no one recognized us.

I didn't have to bleach my hair because black goes over everything. I helped Bree bleach her hair and luckily all the blue came out on the first time of bleaching it. She then dyed the top purple and did her tips pink. When it was done it looked really good. It was getting later and we were all tired. we all went to bed .


 Today was the big day, I was going to propose to Bree. Calum woke up early to go get Ashley from the airport. Everyone knew the plans for tonight. even Ashley. I told her to help Bree get ready and get her to go to a certain part of the stage during the show. Ashley was going to be helping so much. I owe her big time. Once Ashley showed up Everyone was awake. We were all getting ready for our bus to get here. After we all got dressed and ready our bus showed up. There were 4 beds so Bree was with me and Ashley was with Calum then Luke and Ashton had there own beds. Once we all got settled on the bus, we took off to the venue. Once we got there it was time for sound check. during sound check, the girls stayed in the bus. I'm kind of glad they did so we can rehearse how I'm going to propose.

  Later on the girl were getting ready for the show. Bree was wearing black ripped skinny jeans a huge black and red flannel with a black tank top with a black beanie and her black boots. She looked so damn hot. before the show I gave her a huge kiss. I had the little box in my back pocket with my microphone set up so it didn't look suspicious. When the show started I saw Bree and Ashley standing right by where the stage begins. After we played a few songs it was time for me to talk and that's when I was going to bring Bree on stage. I looked at the guys and said I think its time. They all smiled and said go ahead buddy do your thing. I said to the crowd that I wanted to bring Bree out. Everyone cheered as Bree walked on to the stage very confused. As she walked up to me. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. The crowd started to cheer some more. I looked at Bree and said "Babe I have a very important question for you" She looked at me weirdly and said what. That was the moment where everything could change. I knew I was making the right decision and I have no regrets. I finally worked up the nerve to go down on one knee and pull the ring out of my back pocket. " Bree I know we haven't been together long and it's crazy that I've never felt this way about someone until I met you. You make me happy every day and you make everything okay. I would like to know will you marry me?




Well I'm just going to leave you hanging in this chapter but don't worry because I'm starting the next chapter right now. So it'll probably be up by the morning. Hope you are enjoying the story. Please like/favorite and maybe leave a comment. love you guys<3





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