Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


9. LA Bound



         Michael and I had one last day of summer school to take our final test. We both finished before our time was up. When we finished our summer school class we went out to go celebrate. We just got ice cream and headed back to my house to finish packing up our stuff because we leave for LA tomorrow night. When we go to LA they will find out if there going tour with One Direction and if they are we start from there. So I have to take everything I will need for tour. I get all my stuff in my 2 suitcases and Michael and I decided it would be best to probably leave Salem at home because it would be hard to have him on the bus and it wouldn't be a great life for him. My brother and sister promised to take really good care of him. I then started to pack my carry on bag. I put my laptop, Ipad, camera, chargers, and a blanket in there. I was officially done packing. This is the craziest thing I've ever done. I'm so happy Michael invited me to go on tour with him. After I had all my stuff packed up, we went to Michaels to pack up his stuff. Let me tell you this guy does know how to pack. Michael was just throwing clothes in suit cases and it wouldn't close so I took all of it out and folded it for him. He was really happy to be leaving but didn't like the process leading up to it. Personally I think he's a bit nervous but that's normal.

     Later on we planned to have a going away party. all of the guys and there family came. All of the moms were sad to see their sons leaving but happy for them that they get to try this. there dreams are about to come true. A little bit later we all went inside and looked at old pictures of all the guys. In one of the photos I was in the background. Everyone was having a great time. It was about 11:30 and we all started to clean up.

      Michael and I were laying out in the backyard later that night looking at the stars. Michael then turned to me and said, "Bree I love you so much" I told him I loved him too. It's the simple little things he does that make me love him.  I was getting really tired so Michael walked me back to my house. As we were walking Michael asked me, "Bree what are those scars from on your thigh?" I didn't even know he saw them. I start to freak out for a second. "Bree be honest with me." I used to self harm when my depression would get bad. I look at him with tears in my eyes and tell him I used to self harm. He freaked out looked really worry. He just looked at me about to cry and asked me if  still do. I told him that I haven't in almost a year. it was from being bullied and depression and it felt good to. He made me promise him that I would never do it anymore. I did. He looked really upset. He walked me to bed that night. Then he walked back home.


I wake up the next morning and shower. Then I start to get ready for the day. I wore leggings and a tank top because I wanted to be comfy for the plane ride.  I went to Michaels that morning to make sure he was okay from last night. when I got there he wasn't up yet. I went into his room and crawled on to his bed and started to cuddle him. I was giving him little kisses trying to wake him up. then he finally woke up. I then realized he was only in boxers. He then put the blanket over me and said, "lets just go back to sleep baby." He so cute but I stayed up he just put his head on my boob and laid back down. I was playing with his hair as he laid there. He's adorable when he's sleepy. He then pulled up my tank top a little bit revealing my belly button ring and my dermals. He started kissing my tummy. I was laughing because it tickles. He then made his way to being on top of me to kiss me. We were making out then he made his way down to my neck and chest area and gave me a hickey. It was so obvious too. I flipped him around and started doing the same. except he got it worse. I left hickeys all over his chest. A moan slipped out of his mouth while I gave him another. He whispers in my ear, " Are you happy now because you've got me going?"  I looked at him and said yes. I just laid on his chest and he wrapped him arms around me. I could tell her had a boner but I didn't say anything. I could spend all day doing this I told him and he smiled and said then lets do that then I mean we don't have to leave until 6 he says to  me. I told him eventually he has to get up to get ready. So we laid there for an hour until I heard Michaels stomach growl. He told me to stay there while he got something. He grabbed a protein bar and ate that. I got up and asked him for a hoodie because  I needed cover this hickey. He gave me blue soccer hoodie that said Clifford on the back. I didn't know you played soccer babe? he responds, " because I quit because it was too much running" I laughed at him and his laziness. Michael still didn't have pants on he was just wearing his boxers still. I mean I'm not complaining at all so he could stay like that... He turned on the TV and we just sat there. He got up to go shower I told him that I was going back to my house and to just call me when he's done getting ready.


         When I got back I changed into jean shorts because it was really hot and I still wanted to wear Michael's hoodie because it smells good. I was down stairs with my brother and sister they were sad I was leaving. I tried to spend as much time with them as I could. I decided to be a good sister and take them to go get ice cream. I grabbed my parents car keys and them in the car I called Michael to see if he wanted to join but he was spending time with his mom and dad. To be honest I thought my brother hated me but after seeing him get emotional today I saw that he actually does love me. After we got our ice cream we sat outside to eat it. My brother and sister asked me when I was coming back I told them I didn't know but I would call them or facetime them everyday. When we got in the car to go home my sister started crying because she didn't want me to go. When we got home I took her up to my room. I went into my jewelry box and pulled out a little locket. I got it when she was born it was a picture of me holding her. I put it around her neck and told her whenever she misses me to kiss it. It was around 5:30 and I had to start bringing all my stuff down and saying goodbyes. After I got all my stuff down Michael showed up. I let him in and told him I still had to say goodbye to my family so be prepared for tears, he kissed me and told me okay. My mom and dad looked so sad and nervous. I went up to both of them and told them I love them and I'll  be safe. I then went up to my sister and told her to call me everyday and I loved her. I then went up to my brother and looked at him. When we were younger we used to do this little handshake. I asked him if he still knew it and he said yes so we did it. everyone started laughing. I hugged him and told if he needed me to just call and I told him I love him. Salem then came down from upstairs and meowed. I picked him upset and said," Alright my handsome boy be good for everyone I love you little guy". My parents help me load my stuff in our car that came to get us. As we pulled away my family waved. I started to cry in the car a little but I was happy. This is going to be an adventure I say to Michael and he smiles and kisses me.


       We get to the air port and all the guys are already there. Our flight starts boarding at 8 and its 7. We all go through security and get our stuff and go to where we needed to be. Liz , Luke's mom sent me a text that said " Bree please look over the boys they can get a little crazy sometimes help them make good choices." I texted her back and said I would. She sent me on more text that said Good luck with everything and If you need to talk let me know. As we were waiting to board our plane a few girls came up to the guys and recognized them from there videos. They asked who I was and Michael told them I was his girlfriend. They thought it was so cute I was going with him. Once they left I told the guys to get used to it because it's going to happen a lot more. They laughed and agreed. We then heard that it was our time to board the plane. We get on the plane. It was a 15 hour flight. Once we took off I put my ear buds in and listened to my music. Calum and Ashton were sitting in front of us and Luke sat with Michael and I. We all ended up falling asleep on the plane. I woke up close to the end of the flight. when I woke up Michael was just looking at me smiling. I kissed him and Luke said, " Eww Michael you got cooties now" while laughing. Michael looked at him and asked, " What are you 5 now Luke?" I was laughing so hard. Luke was like best friend. He always jokes around with me. He then started telling Michael how I'm  a great singer. Michael was shocked because he never heard me sing and I kept telling him I wasn't but he said when were not the plane I have to sing for him. I said whatever. While we were on the plane I grabbed my IPad and started helping the guys make social media accounts for the band. Shockingly the guys got a lot of followers quick. We told the one direction boy's  that we made the accounts and they went and followed them and they gave us shout outs. We posted some stuff on twitter about coming to LA and a ton of people liked it. When we landed we started getting off the plane. As we were walking out a bunch of screaming girls were there we had security helping us get out of there. Once we got our luggage we got in our limo and headed to the hotel. We were all talking about how crazy that was. When we got to the hotel there were a few fans but not as bad as the airport. Once we get settled in at the hotel we all decided to relax until they had to go. Michael, Luke, and I shared a room and Calum and Ashton split a room.  I noticed my twitter started to blow up from the fans asking who I am. I posted a picture on twitter of Michael Luke and I and said with my babe and my best friend.  I'm so happy to be here




 Okay so I posted 2 chapters today since I didn't post anything yesterday. I hope everyone love the story so far. Please like/ favorite and comment if you like it. I hope everyone is doing good. love you all<3

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