Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


8. It's My Birthday


       I wake up to balloons everywhere roses on my bed a note from Michael. I just smiled and thought I have a great boyfriend. I read the note and it says, " Happy Birthday Babe, for another special surprise go to your bathroom. I walk to my bathroom and there's another note with a balloon and a needle. I read the note and it says, " Pop the balloon for your next surprise and clue to wear your present is.  I pop the balloon and a little necklace with a key on it falls out with a note. This note says, "Go to the refrigerator and look for your next clue. So I run down stairs And all my family is laughing at me because they know I'm  looking for the surprise. I go to the refrigerator and see a monster mega with a note on it. I grab the can and I says, "Hey your getting closer now go to the mailbox for your next clue". I run out side to the mailbox still in my pj's and open it. I grab the note inside with a little box , I read the note " okay were almost done but not quite yet, go into the back yard take 50 steps forward and look for the X that's where your next clue is. I run to the backyard I count 50 steps and I don't see the X  I keep looking around then I saw it. It was really more like 70 steps but whatever Michael. I got to the X  and I see a little shovel so I dig where the X is. I get another box but a little bigger. both boxes said to not open until end so I didn't. my clue said, "Okay this is the last one, walk up to your room and look into your closet. So I run in the house I go up to my room I open the closet door and inside was Michael and my presents. He put the presents down and hugs me and tells me happy birthday. as were hugging I hear something from one of the boxes like it moved. I looked at Michael and said what the fuck did you get me. He smiled and we sat down to open my gifts. So he told me to close my eyes so I did and he put a big box on my lap he told me to open my eyes and open it. When I opened it I look inside and it was a kitten. I looked at Michael almost with tears in my eyes I was so happy. He then gave me one of the boxes I got from the clues. As I  opened it I looked at And it was a little wooden box with a lock on it. he told me to use the necklace with the key to open it. I opened the box and on the inside was pictures of us that we've taken while being together. when he gave me the little box to open there was a little Pandora box inside that and Michael bought me the princess Pandora ring. I smiled and he sat next to me and I gave him a huge kiss he is so lovely. Apparently there was one more gift I didn't see it but it was an envelope. I open it up something is wrapped with wrapping paper on the inside. I unwrap that and there were 2 tickets for Pierce the Veil for tomorrow. I screamed in my little spot hugging him I was so happy. I grabbed my little kitten and asked is it a boy or a girl Michael said a boy.  He was black with blue eyes and had one little white spot on his nose. Then I said Salem. like the cat from Sabrina the teenage witch. I decided that would be his name. Michael was telling me if we go on tour he cam come so made me even happier. We go down stairs to open my other gifts. My mom got me $100 debit card because she never knows what to get me. and my dad got me a Pandora bracelet with a 4 charms. the guardian angel charm,  a B charm, A birthday box charm, and A charm with a heart on it. My family from America all sent me money because they don't really know me well. I say to my self this is the best birthday ever.


        Since I'm 18 I can get piercings and tattoos without my parents. I asked Michael to come with me to go get some new piercings. We go to the little tattoo shop right by my house. We walk in and I no one of the guys that works there because he's done all my piercings He knew today was my birthday so he wasn't shocked I was there. I told him I wanted to get hip dermals. so I go one on each hip. Then once I got that I got my Industrial piercing. When we were done I paid and we left. I was in the car with Michael and he said to me, "You want to know what turns me on?" I looked at him and ask him what. and he said my hip dermals apparently he really liked them on me. I smiled and leaned over and kissed him. he put his hand on my thigh. Michael was already 18 so he was happy that I finally turned 18 to.


       We get back to my house I show my parents the new piercings, of course they didn't like them but they believe in expressing who you are and what you like so they don't get mad. Michael and I were almost finished with our summer school. We leave on Tuesday for LA so we must be finished on Monday. That shouldn't be hard because all we had to do was take a test. Today was honestly the best day ever / best birthday ever. I only really spent my birthdays with my parents because  I never had friends. All the guys wanted to celebrate with me so later on we went to Michaels house to party. All the guys got me a gifts they were so sweet. Luke got me  Sum 41 shirt. Calum bought be a snow globe that said friends on it with a picture of us. and Ashton got me a gift card for Hot Topic. I tanked all the guys so much because they didn't have to get me anything. We partied until 3 am I just asked my mom if I could just stay at Michael's and she was fine with it. All the guys stayed to because we were all drinking and none of them should've drove home.


         The next morning I woke up excited because I get to see Pierce the Veil today. They are one of my favorite bands. The concert was at 6 but it takes up 2 hours to get to the venue from Sydney. It was already 12 so I woke up Michael and told him I was going to go home and get ready I told him to do the same. I walk home and go get into the shower. I took a really long shower because my hips were hurting from getting them pierced and the warm  water felt really good. once I was done I blow dried my hair then I walked into my room to find something to wear. I picked out a pair of blank skinny jeans with a rip in the knee and my black PTV shirt with red lettering and I wore my black boots. I was sitting in front on my mirror doing my makeup when Salem came up to me and was trying to give me love, of course I started to play with him because he melts my heart with his little meow. Once I finish my makeup I got get some food to eat by that time its 3. We have to leave 3:45 if we want to see the warm up act. I have no idea whose warming up for them though. I walk to Michaels and now the guys are going to which I don't mind I have fun with them. We ended up leaving at 4 and we took Ashton's car since we could all fit in his car. I called shot gun so Michael, Luke, and Calum had to sit together. it was a long ride to the venue. I actually fell asleep on the way up there. when we were almost there I woke up and started to get really excited. We got there right in the middle of the warm up. Since we didn't no them we went to the merch table because we all wanted something. I bought the tour shirt the rest of the guys got bracelets.


         Pierce the veil started and I went nuts. I sang every song and it was great. after the show we stayed outside the venue trying to meet them and we did. When I met Vic he was so nice. We took 3 pictures then he went to the bus the rest of the band walked out after him and we all got pictures. After that we made our way to the car. Ashton was very tired so Luke said he would drive home. i sat up front with Luke and 20 minutes into the car ride the guys in the back seat passed out. I stayed up with Luke so he wouldn't be tired or bored. We started talking about the tour and how this was huge for them. After that we were listening to music and singing. Luke tried telling me I had a good voice I know that I don't. I've never been much of a singer I never thought I was good. A hour later we finally reached home. I woke the guys up I went back home. When I got home. I got a text from Michael asking if he could stay at my place because he's locked out. I say yes and go open the door for him. He slept on the couch because, we didn't want my parents to think we were having sex. So after that we both went to sleep.

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