Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


2. Finals Week a.k.a. HELL WEEK



   It's the last week of school and you know what that means.... FINALS! I hate school so much. I cant wait to be done. If I had my way, I would've dropped out at the beginning of high school. School has never been easy for me. I've always struggled to keep my grades up. As of right now, if I pass all my finals I wont have to go to summer school. I think I'll be fine in all of my classes except for Algebra. Its so confusing and my teacher absolutely hates me. She always calls me out in front of the whole class to make me look stupid. She can say what she wants but I know she hates me. Well I should probably start getting ready for school. I go into my closet and pick out my black skinny jeans, my black and white Misfits shirt, and my black heeled boots. I go to the bathroom and turn my straightener on and I get out the rubbing alcohol and my ear solution wash because I have to clean all my piercings everyday. I have 2 cartilage piercings on each side and I have my doubles done to. Then I have my nose and my belly button pierced. My parents hate my piercings but quite frankly I don't give a fuck. After all this I do my make which isn't a lot just foundation, mascara, and winged eyeliner. I can hear my mom yelling from down stairs "BREE WE GOTTA GO COME ON". I grab an apple, water, my phone with my earbuds, and my bag and run out the door.


I get to school and I start walking to my locker. First I get called a nerdy ass bitch by a guy walking in the hallway. I'm sorry but honey I'm not a nerd I'm fucking stupid. I keep walking until I finally reach my locker. There's basically nothing in my locker because we had to clean our lockers out last week. I put my phone and my bag in there because were not allowed to bring electronics or bags into the room only our pencils and stuff to study. Our finals get split up into 3 days, we have 2 finals per day. The 2 finals I had today was history and my favorite drawing class. History wasn't that hard I ended up getting a 80%. In my drawing class we just had to draw a very meaningful drawing and I got 100%. After my test I went to my locker grabbed my stuff I needed to study for and my bag and I started walking home. After school I have to walk home because both of my parents are at work and I live too close to the school to take the bus. I put my ear buds in and turn on Sum 41 Walking Disaster. I hear a bunch of guys yelling behind me. I turn my head to see who it is and its the 3 most annoying guys in my school, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, And the devil himself Michael Clifford. I see them running behind me. I decided to keep walking because honestly even if I ran they would catch me. Suddenly I feel someone's arm go around my shoulders. I turn to look to see who it was and it was Michael. I take an ear bud out say "what do you want Clifford?" he responds " You princess". Wait did he just call me princess? What the actual fuck. "Okay Clifford your so funny now get your arm off me". Luke and Calum were walking behind us just laughing at every move Michael tried. "Whatever Princess I know you want me,". Michael was so full of himself. So I say back to him "Michael I would probably like you if you didn't bully me all through middle school". He looks at me weirdly and says, "that was the past this is now" he was so stupid. Sadly he lives 3 doors down from me so I would have to deal with him the whole way home. I decided to put my ear buds back in at full blast so I wouldn't hear him talking. I can tell he's still trying to talk to me but I'm obviously not listening. We finally reach our street and he still right by my side that's when he pulled one of my ear buds out and whispered in my ear ," Bree I mean everything I'm saying to you right now and I'm not going to lie you look really pretty today". I take my other ear bud out in shock and kindly thank him for the compliment even though he's probably lying. As soon as were about to reach my house he stops me and asks ," Bree can I have your number?" and me being stupid I gave him my number. After I gave it to him I started walking again I was finally at my house I started walking towards my drive way and he stopped me again and hugs me and it wasn't a fake hug either it was actually really nice. Before he lets go he whispered in my ear again, " I'll txt you in a little bit beautiful" I was very confused. I thought Michael Clifford hated me...


After I studied for about 2 hours I decided to take a break and go get some food. I walked into the kitchen and see both my brother and sister sitting at the table doing homework. They completely ignore me saying hi to them so I walked away with my nacho cheese Doritos and my monster. I don't understand how I'm so skinny, I eat the worst foods and I don't exercise. I decided since it was nice I'd go outside and sit on our front porch. While I'm sitting there I hear boys talking and laughing coming away. I think in my head it's probably Michael and his friends I got to get up so they don't see me and go inside when suddenly I try to open the door and its locked. I see my brother on the other side laughing as he locks the door. I try yelling in to the door "Unlock the door you little asshole!" And suddenly I hear someone laughing behind me. And guess who it is... the great Michael Clifford :|. I turn around ask him "Michael what do you need?" he replies," well I saw you yelling into the door and you know I thought I would come help." What's with Michael he's being really nice to me. I go up to him and feel his forehead. He looks at me in confusion and asks ," what are you doing?" I reply, " I'm checking to see if you have a fever because your being way too nice to me." He looks at me then at my door as my brother opens the door and says okay you can come back in. Michael then says to me," look Bree I honestly feel bad about our past I don't want you to hate me, yes I was a complete asshole to you in middle school but can we please try to forget about that? I'm so confused right now but I don't know how I should react to this I just tell him that I don't know then I tell him I got to go. before he left he hugged me like he did earlier. Then walks back to his house.


 I hear my alarm going off and all I want to do is throw it against the wall. I roll myself out of bed then I suddenly fall on to the floor. I wince in pain because I fell on my wrist and it really hurt. Soon as my pity party for myself  is over I walked into my closet and grab my black leggings, my red and black flannel, and a black tank top. I decided to put my hair in a messy bun today and put on my usual makeup. I go down stairs before my mom even yells for me and she looks at me shocked. I turn to ask her what was wrong with her and she says ," you actually made it down here before I called you." I laugh at her and grab an apple and water. then she asks me, " so whose the boy you were talking to yesterday that your brother told me about?" I look at him with a evil glare as he laughs and I just respond by saying a kid I go to school with. Soon as she stops looking at me weirdly she drives me to school. As I get out of the car I start walking in when suddenly I get pushed my someone. I turn to see its Amanda the crazy whore of my school. She looks pissed off and says to me "watch where your walking dumbass" I say to myself what the fuck is wrong with kids in this school. I get to my locker and grab my stuff to study from I have Spanish and Chemistry today.


After my test I looked my grade and I passed both test with a 75% on both. I start walking to my locker when suddenly see someone waiting there... its Michael. "Michael what are you doing?" "I'm waiting for you so I can walk you home." I kind of get irritated because I want to walk home alone so I can listen to music. We start walking when a kid from my Spanish class bumps into me almost making me fall. Michael looks pissed but he doesn't say anything

skip to when were in our neighborhood

 Michael randomly asks ," Bree do you like music?" I look at him and say yes. kind of confused on why he asked that but whatever. that was when he asked if I would come to one of his band practices.  I didn't know how to respond so I just said sure. we were finally at my house and he hugged me and walked away

I decided to take a nap when I got home because I was exhausted. I woke up at 12:30 at night. after my little franic moment of freaking out that I slept that long, I look at my phone and see I have 20 new texts. What the hell I don't have friends who would text me then I realize there all from Michael. I didn't read them instead I tried to go back to sleep. in that 5 minutes I passed tf out.


I wake up and feel wide awake for school today I mean I guess I did get 14 hours of sleep. After getting ready I get in  the car and go to school today was the last day of school. I only needed to pass 2 more test. the first test I had was gym and I mean if you cant pass gym then you got issues. then I have algebra the one test I worried about all week. I haven't seen Michael all morning maybe he didn't come. then I remember I never read his messages last night. oh well I'll read them later.

after my test I get my stuff from my locker and pull out my phone. As I'm walking home I decided to check my grade online that was when I realized I failed math I had a 59.9% I was so pissed off. my teacher would of course fail me by one little point. what a bitch. suddenly hear someone running behind me and I turn to see it's Michael. "Not now Clifford I'm not in the mood." he tries to ask what's wrong but I wont tell him as I stay in silence the whole way home Michael keeps staring at me. why is he doing this he doesn't actually like me. As I reach my house Michael grabs me and of course hugs me and says to me as soon as you want to tell me what's wrong just come over. I didn't want him to know it would just give him another reason to bully me. what am I going to do my parents are going to kill me.



I hope you guys like the first chapter of the story I'm going to update as much as  I can. PLZ LIKE AND FAVORITE THE BOOK! I love you guys thank you.

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