Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


14. Back to work



    We were back on tour with the guys and it felt to be back. I really like tour life. It was a happy atmosphere to be around. I can see after awhile the fame gets old. The guys are getting bigger and they're getting better. I was back stage waiting for the my boys to go on and I started to not feel good. luckily I had Harry with me. He brought me some water and a chair. I watched the guys perform and as soon as they were done I went and laid down in the bus. when the guys got back to the bus, I was already asleep.

  I woke up at 6am very sick. I was puking for 3 hours straight. Michael woke up and saw that I was really sick. He looked really worried. I stayed in bed all day because Michael didn't want me to get up and make myself worse. when he went into the venue for the show I got up for a little bit and went on my laptop to try to figure out what's wrong with me. When I looked up my symptoms the first thing that popped up was pregnancy. I started to freak out a little bit. If I'm pregnant Michael will be pissed. He'll probably brake up with me. FUCK! I don't know if I should tell him. I guess I should take a pregnancy test first...

  I asked one of our security guards to drive me to the store before the guys got back and he did. When I got to the store I bought 3 different types of pregnancy tests. Once I bought them I ran back out to the car. Tom, our security guard asked what I needed at I told him that he couldn't tell Michael that I might be pregnant. He told me he wouldn't unless I am pregnant. When we got back I took the test since the guys weren't back yet. I went into the bathroom and did what the instructions said. After waiting 5 minutes to see my results I look at the test. if it's - then I'm not but if it's + I am. I look at the test and its......-. thank god that I'm not pregnant. My parents and Michael would probably kill me. I slipped the other 2 pregnancy tests into my bag. As soon as I walk out of the bathroom, Tom is waiting there in suspense. I tell him that I'm not pregnant and he congratulates me. He knows that I wasn't ready to be pregnant. When Michael walks in I decided to pull him aside just to let him know that I checked. He was relieved that I wasn't. then we started talking about our future. Michael was telling me that one day he wants to marry me. I was so happy to hear that. I love him so much and I can see me being with him for the rest of my life.

   We were both laying in his bunk talking about life. He told me when he finally decides he wants children that he wants 4. I told him that I wanted maybe 2 or 3.We were up until 3 am talking about our future together. I told him that I loved him and I fell asleep in his bunk.


*The next Morning*

    I wake up with really bad cramps. I got to the bathroom and see that I started my period. Now I'm for sure that I'm not pregnant. When we got to venue, I saw that there was a store right by it. I decided to just walk there since it was literally right next to venue. I got several boxes because I knew I would start more than once while being on tour so why not stock up. When I got back, the boys were just waking up. Michael asked where I went and I just told him because he's my boyfriend and he shouldn't judge me. When I told him he took me in to the back room of the bus and decided to cuddle with me until he had to go to sound check .

     While they guys were at sound check I decided to facetime my family. When they answered the call my sister was really happy to talk to me. She missed me the most out of everyone. After we talked for an hour they decided they had to go. Not long after that, the boys were back.


    Later on that day I was talking with a few fans outside who saw the bus. Many of them are becoming nicer to me which makes things a lot better. I took many selfies with them. When most of them left I started talking to one girl my age named Ashley. She was really nice and wasn't like one of those over obsessed fans. She was the only one there at this point so I told her to come on back with me. I Introduced her to all the guys and told her she can watch the concert with me back stage if she wanted. She was very happy and said yes. We all walked in together and I got her a backstage pass. The guys had to get ready so I took her to meet the 1D guys. I took many pictures for her with the guys. After I took her to meet them, We went to side stage to go watch the guys perform.

  As usual they did amazing and then they came to watch 1D with us. I could see Calum flirting with Ashley a lot. Before the concert was over, he gave her his number. I smiled because I knew Ashley liked him the most. When the concert was over I gave her my number too. I told her to text me and maybe we can meet up again. little did I know Calum already told her that he really liked and he said he wanted to get to know her. I walked her out to her car and she told me that she would keep me updated.

  When we all got back into the bus, Calum would not shut up about Ashley. I texted her and told her that Calum was really into her and all she sent back was the heart eyes. Michael made a joke calling me matchmaker. I laughed and then we all got ready for bed. I wasn't that tired so I went into the back room and put on a movie. I decided to watch We Bought a Zoo. I loved that movie. Not even 5 minutes into the movie I fell asleep.



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