The Real Life

Chris (short for Christina) has major stage fright. She can't get the courage to even ask a question in class. Best friends Spring and Jacqueline are the only people that know her identity on, Chris's website which is the only place she feels comfortable sharing her thoughts. Her short story about Cassie, a girl based on herself becomes an internet sensation and leaves everyone wondering exactly who the "Realist" is.


6. Who I DONT want to be


"I love your website, Chris!" Stacey Hill gushed as I grabbed my books from my locker. 

"Uh... Um..." I blushed. "Thanks," I muttered. It had been three days since the article came out. I had signed 300 autographs, accepted thousands of compliments, and my inbox is full of millions of emails. That's more than Dad gets! Yet, despite the fame, I'm still shy. It's getting better, though. I can talk. My throat doesn't get stuck, the world doesn't spin, my headaches are at the minimum, and I can smile at people. 

"Wanna sit with us?" Kelly Mullins demanded as I passed her. I paused. It pained me to admit this, I mean, there wasn't enough room for Spring or Jacqueline. But being friends with the most popular girls in school wasn't a negative thought... But then I snapped out of it. 

"No," I said flatly, shocked at my thoughts of ditching my friends who were once the only people there for me. "I'm good." 

"Only your loss," Kelly said obviously trying to convince me.

"Oh, is it?" Jacqueline snapped. "Or is it to expand your evil clique? You didn't even acknowledge Chris's existence, even though you guys had the same teacher since 3rd grade before she revealed herself. So really, it's only YOUR loss. I mean, I can't believe you had the idea of trying to convince her. I mean, your such a b-" Spring clapped her hand on top of Jacqueline's mouth and lead us to our table, which was crowded with other girls. 

After Jacqueline said that, I felt so guilty I had that thought. A girl who ditched her friends in not someone I want to be. I don't want fame to get in the way of my life. I just want the popularity to simmer down so I can enjoy my life as a NORMAL teenager. 

"Hey..." Spring said after we managed to force Jacqueline into her seat. "What was with your pause before saying no?" I sighed.

"I'm so, SO sorry. I can't believe I considered sitting with them. I guess all the popularity is kinda getting into my head." I explained. " You guys need to stop me next time I try to do something dumb like that, 'kay?" 

"Sure," Jacqueline said as Spring got out her phone and went on it. "but why did you?" 

"I guess I thought popularity wasn't a bad thing... But they're such jerks!" I said. "I'm sorry." I stared at Spring. She hadn't said anything. She showed me her phone.

"Just please don't turn out like her?" She asked. I read the article. 

lost your fame? That's a shame. 

Lizzy Kart used to be one of the most popular teen authors after her instant bestseller, 'Lost in the Wild' got published when she was 16, in 1999. But after losing all her friends due to her money obsession, Lizzy's book just got lost in the world of books. Lizzy now is an accountant living in New Jersey. Shame for all that potential to go to waste. 

"Oh, wow..." Jacqueline said reading over my shoulder. "Don't become an accountant."

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