The Real Life

Chris (short for Christina) has major stage fright. She can't get the courage to even ask a question in class. Best friends Spring and Jacqueline are the only people that know her identity on, Chris's website which is the only place she feels comfortable sharing her thoughts. Her short story about Cassie, a girl based on herself becomes an internet sensation and leaves everyone wondering exactly who the "Realist" is.


7. Who have I become?


The next day I had a big speech at school. Mrs. Katz decided that after three years of me going to her school and being her sixth, seventh and eighth-grade student office assistant, it was a good time to finally notice me. I quickly got up after the sun came up and got ready. As soon as I walked downstairs, Mom smiles at me. 

"How're you?" She said glancing up from her computer.

"Do you have a meeting today?" I asked staring at the fancy jumpsuit she had on.

"Yep. One of my colleagues has some kind of brilliant idea." She said. "You like my new suit?" She stood up and twirled.

"Yeah, sure," I said sarcastically eating a mouthful of cheerios. Why does she always ask me fashion advice now that I have a couple million fans?

"Huh." Mom said quietly. I glanced up. She was staring at me.

"What'd you looking at?" I snapped. 

"Christina Larson!" Mom yelled. "Don't you EVER use that tone with me!" 

"Whatever," I mutter and dump my bowl in the sink before running back to my room. That was weird. Mom's mood or something. 

Hey, Chris!" Jacqueline called to me as I entered school property. 

"Yeah?" I said in a monotone. 

"Wassup?" She said.

"I dunno," I replied walking to my locker. 

"You ok?" Jacqueline asked following me. 

"Um... Yeah?" I said. Obviously, I was.

"You're acting weird." She said staring at me with the same look Mom had.

"Gee thanks." I sighed. Jacqueline walked away. "Moody," I muttered as I entered my combination. 

At lunch, I sat down at the usual table that has three seats. I saved the other two with my backpack and binder.

"Hey, Tina!" Kelly chirped strolling over to me swaying her hips. "Did you save ME a seat?" She gave a death stare to most of the girls in her clique, and they left leaving Miranda Little and her. 

"Not a chance," I said. "And also, my name is Chris. not Christina, not Tina, not Chrissy, just Chris.

"Oh, but PLEASE?" Kelly said sticking her bottom lip out. I hesitated. 

"...........No," I replied opening my bag. When Kelly left, still wiggling her hips, Jacqueline and Spring came. I moved my stuff. 

"Jacqueline says that you're acting like Lizzy." Spring blurted.

"Lizzy?" I asked. 

"From the article?" Spring reminded me.

"Oh..." I paused. "No, I'm not."

"Yes, you ARE!" Jacqueline insisted. "You were totally acting weird today when I saw you. And your Mom says you were acting weird also."

"My MOM?" I shouted.

"Shhh!" Spring said. "She called us to see if we knew what was up." 

"Ok. So I might be acting A LITTLE moody." I admitted. 

"We think it's your stress," Spring said.

"Stress?" I asked blankly. 

"From your fame and stuff," Jacqueline said.

"Oh god..." I paused. "Am I stressed?" 

"Yep," Jacqueline said. "especially with your sequel coming up and stuff."

"A SEQUEL?" I shrieked. "I'm not writing a sequel!" 

"Yeah... You are." Spring nodded sheepishly. 

"Says who?" I growled. 

"Your 9 million twitter followers," Jacqueline said.

"9 m-MILLION?" I yelled. "I had 5 million this morning!" 

"Shh!" Spring hushed. "Kimberly Watson told everyone it was great. 

"Kimberly Watson?" I exclaimed. "My favorite author?" 

"Is there another one we know of?" Jacqueline asked. 

"Wow..." I said quietly. 

"So..." Spring broke the silence. "You gonna write a sequel?"

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