The Real Life

Chris (short for Christina) has major stage fright. She can't get the courage to even ask a question in class. Best friends Spring and Jacqueline are the only people that know her identity on, Chris's website which is the only place she feels comfortable sharing her thoughts. Her short story about Cassie, a girl based on herself becomes an internet sensation and leaves everyone wondering exactly who the "Realist" is.


4. It's now or never


"I..." I began. "I don't think so." I sighed. 

"What?" Spring asked. 

"Why?" Jacqueline asked.

"My identity might get out!" I said. "Everyone will think I can do amazing things when really I'm just scared of being myself in front of people." 

"But you need to get over your fear!" Jacqueline said. "Like right now!" 

Do you think I should say yes?" I ask Spring.

"Definitely!" Spring nodded. 

"Fine," I said. "but I hope no more offers come." 

"Why's that?" Jacqueline asked. 

"Because I don't want my identity to get out." I said. 

"Listen." Spring sighed looking at me. " In your future, you are going to completely regret not accepting these great opportunities."

"I dunno..." I said, but I got her point. she was right. 

"C'mon, Chris!" Jacqueline said. "Now or never!" I hold my breath as I type my replying email. 

I would love to as long as my identity is kept private. I suggest publishing chapter one, but it's up to you. 

"This is SO exciting!" Spring giggled. 


After chapter one came out my website had over 3 million views. 


People are only talking about it at school. My identity was safe. 

WAS safe. 

But at dinner tonight Mom asked Dad what was going on in his work, and who's book he was publishing (Dad's a publisher) next. 

"Well, there's this website I think Christina might have heard of." Dad said. acknowledged the fact that Dad mentioned my name by glancing up. "It's called 'The true life' or something."

"You mean" Mom asked. I started to panic. "I read a story about it. It's a terrific site."

"Yeah." Dad said. "The owner made a short story about a girl named Cassie, and I want her to publish it. Maybe even make a series. Do you know the site, Chris?" 

"Uh... well.... yes I have." I said quickly, feeling my hands sweat. 

"What do you think about it?" Mom asked. I shrugged. 

"I'm just hoping the owner doesn't refuse." Dad continued.  "She'd have to reveal her identity, but she could earn millions of dollars."

"Millions?" I gaped. Dad stared at me. He's not used to me to commenting on things. 

"Yeah." Dad said suspiciously. "Why? D'you know something about this?" 

"No." I replied quickly. Too quickly. 

"Is it someone at your school?" He asked. I held my breath and decided not to lie. 

"Yes." I said to the tiled floor. 

"Do you know specifically who?" He asked.

"No..." I said, my head still facing the floor. It was completely silent in the dining room. My Mom was staring at us, and even baby Conner was still. 

"Christina Larson!" Dad exclaimed looking at me straight in the eye. "Who is it?" 

"Me." I said quietly. 

"Huh?" Mom asked. 

"I am." I repeated.

"You are?" Dad echoed. 

"You're The Realist?" Mom asked.

"Yeah." I said. 

Then after this exchange of shocking facts came a long period of silence. Conner wasn't built up for this, he fell asleep. Mom and Dad silently sat eating Mom's meatloaf. I had lost my appetite, but thoughts were swirling in my head. What had I just done? Would Dad still consider my book? Did I actually want him too? Was this just a big mistake telling my parents this? I remembered what Jacqueline had said a few days before. "It's now or never". I decide that I made the right choice. Hopefully. After what felt like hours of silence Dad tured to me. 

"So do you want to get published?" He asked. I stared at my plate, trying to think, but my mind was blank, so I said the first word that came to my mind. 

"Okay." I said.

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