The Real Life

Chris (short for Christina) has major stage fright. She can't get the courage to even ask a question in class. Best friends Spring and Jacqueline are the only people that know her identity on, Chris's website which is the only place she feels comfortable sharing her thoughts. Her short story about Cassie, a girl based on herself becomes an internet sensation and leaves everyone wondering exactly who the "Realist" is.


5. anonymous... well I used to be


"Tomorrow the announcement for my book will be out and EVERYONE will know my identity!" I said a few days later to my BFFs. "How are they gonna react?" 

"I dunno..." Spring said. "Happy?" 

"Why would they be happy?" Jacqueline asked. 

"Because they love her," Spring said. "duh." 

"I hope I won't regret this..." I sighed pacing back and forth in Jacqueline's room. 

"Hey," Jacqueline protested. "This is also big for us! The Honest and the Legit!" 

"Right." I agreed. "Sorry." 

"No biggie," Spring said. "you come up with all the events anyway. We barely do anything. But can we get like 10% of the credit?" 

"No way!" I said. "You guys deserve 60%. You guys are the Honest and Legit, but you also boost my self-confidence SO much. I couldn't have done any of this without you guys." 

"Aww!" Jacqueline said.

"I wish Rinaldo Green would say something like that to me." Spring sighed.

"You don't stand a chance with him," Jacqueline said. 

"Jackie!" Spring frowned. "Be POSITIVE! I bet you wish Harry Mathews would say something like that to YOU."

"Shut up!" Jacqueline scowled in a jokingly matter. "I stand like a 78% chance with him! I mean, LOOK AT ME!" Jacqueline did jazz hands on either side of her face and smiled sweetly. 



Would YOU believe that the famous website owner of (otherwise known as "The Realist") is actually 14-year old Christina (Chris) Larson from Connecticut? She was planning on keeping her identity a secret between her best friends, Jacqueline Jamie (Who is "The Legit") and Spring Powells (Who is "The Honest") until her father revealed he wanted to publish Chis's stories, so then she revealed herself. Fans are delighted to hear that Chris will indeed be publishing a book for "Cassie's Adventures," A story Chris has been writing on her website. 

"The book will consist of new chapters I'm going to write with Jacqueline and Spring," Chris said. "and we are all very excited." 


Everyone at school wanted my autograph. I couldn't believe I was popular. Best of all, My voice was fine, I haven't panicked. Yet. I don't know why, but I've gained self-confidence. I can smile in the selfies I take with fans, I can answer questions, I can say "Thank-you" when a teacher says congratulations. 

I really hope this wasn't a mistake.

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