The Real Life

Chris (short for Christina) has major stage fright. She can't get the courage to even ask a question in class. Best friends Spring and Jacqueline are the only people that know her identity on, Chris's website which is the only place she feels comfortable sharing her thoughts. Her short story about Cassie, a girl based on herself becomes an internet sensation and leaves everyone wondering exactly who the "Realist" is.


1. lll

"Did you see Vivian's status on the school website?" Jacky Jamies says to me as soon as I sit down at my desk in English (Last subject of the day, YES!!!). 

"Nope," I reply popping open my binder to stuff in the papers Mrs. Philips is passing out. "what'd it say?"

"She changed her favorite movie to Life Without Todd!" She says giving me a look of horror.

"You mean that romance-drama that came out last week?" I ask.

"Yep." Jacky says. 

"Oh no, the dramatic drop in popularity for Vivian!" I reply dramatically. Jacky grins and opens her mouth to reply but Mrs. Philips beats her to it. 

"Jacqueline Jamies is there anything you'd like to share with the class?" She says loudly. Jacky rolls her eyes and turns around to face Mrs. Philips. She hates being called "Jacqueline". 

"Not anything but the lovely grammatical issues that my fellow students commonly make." Jacky smiles sweetly and holds up one of the sheets that were passed out. several students laugh. I pray that she doesn't call on me. And she doesn't. 

"That's enough, Jacqueline." Mrs. Philips says. "I'm sure detention on the last subject of the day doesn't sound terrific, does it?" As Mrs. Philips carries on with her lesson, Jacky turns around and fake gags to me. 


After school Jacky and my other best friend, Spring Powells and I all race to my large, red-brick house. As soon as we get into my bedroom, we leap onto my bed, I grab my laptop and begin today's post on my website, 

Options: Smart or Smart

Parents say being smart is the ideal goal in your school life. If you get straight A's you'll get rewarded. Your Dad says you can get a TV. Your Mom offers a new phone. Your Aunt will let you go to any parties or hangouts that you want. But really what this means is that you can do well in school, or live a sad, isolated life. I'm not just mimiking what other kids in my school say, I know this from personal expiriences. Right now I'm suffering a chance of a "B" in P.E. I'll probably never be allowed to exit my house ever again if this continues. 

Honestly Speaking,

The Realist


"Chris!" I hear my Mom call. "Dinner!" We all hurry downstairs.

"Jacky and Spring are staying for dinner." I tell Mom as we sit down. 

"Ok." She says hardly paying attention to me, and sits Conner, my baby brother down in his high chair. My Dad comes into the dining room, and sits into his chair at the head of the table. 

"How's school, guys?" He says, pouring spagetti in his plate. 

"Good." I say.

"Oh, by the way guys, I made dinner tonight." Dad says, proudly gesturing to out spagetti and brocolli dinner. 

"Cool." I reply, spooning spagetti into my mouth. The rest of dinner goes along awkwardly. I don't talk to well with my family, it seems I can only speak flowingly to my best friends, and my readers on 

My readers probably think that even though I rant about all my problems, my like is perfect. 

But it's not. 

It's the reality. 






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