One Small Step

Entry for the 24-hour writing competition. 5/9 parts published


3. Yes Mr. Boss-Man, Sir





   "Another coffee, Mister Pelago?" the flight attendant asked chirpily, as he put down the empty mug. The private jet Pelago had summoned, Wendin noted, was the new 2019 Bluebird. He must be eager to impress the buyable politician waiting on the runway at the end of this flight.


   "That would be just wonderful, my dear," he smiled up at the girl from his computer. It's just her job to be nice to you, Wendin felt like shouting.


   "As I was saying Sir," Wendin continued, "they've halted the shipment of the drill parts until we hear from the local government on the matter-"


   "Pah," Pelago dismissed the notion with a wave of his hand, thick gold watch glinting on his wrist. "Have it sent through."


   "Sir, I really must advise against that-" The plane jolted a little, slopping hot coffee over the side of the cup the waitress was putting in front of Pelago.


   "Turbulence?" he said, annoyed at the stain on his shirt sleeve, then shouted up the aisle, "I thought I was paying you people to avoid turbulence!"


   "Don't forget about the 'riff raff' in commercial first class cabins," Wendin added dryly.


   "Them too."


   "But Sir, the environmental issues put forward are grounded in verifiable fact. Global warming is having unforeseen repercussions in the Arctic circle, with the glaciers, and the permafrost there-"


   "Wendin." His boss sipped the coffee, "Wendin, Wendin, do the words 'peak oil' means nothing to you? How about 'supply and demand'?" He gestured with a biscuit, "It's better we get it out now whilst the equipment is readily available to us. Everyone knows fossil prices are just going to climb. I can sell them now in bulk for who-knows-how-much to the people who listen to fear mongering scientists, and give us and the company a pretty boost today whilst they hoard the black gold for the end of the world."


   Pelago laughed and bit into the biscuit, "Remeber which one of us is executive and which is his personal assistant. I expect it done."


   Wendin pushed up his glasses and then smiled. "Very good, Sir."






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