A book of my thoughts

Ever had thoughts, that you kinda wanna share, but not on social media like tumblr, twitter, or Facebook? Well I do too, so here is the book of the thoughts I just can't let go unseen.


2. A broken love

As i look through your profile
I see it there again
The picture of you and her staring back at me
Blaming me for the hidden feelings
I quickly scroll past it
but the hole in my heart is already there

I look at you as I pass you by in the hallways
We smile at eachother
We hug
And as your hands leave my back
My heart leaves my chest

I won't cry
I promised myself not to get hurt again
Its not my fault
its not your fault
Its not her fault
But the fault is there

Maybe the aching for you will leave
Maybe i will be free of my chains soon
But I might break before
I might lose myself
oh god
let me go

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