touched [24 hours writing competition]

It's the year 4078. Technology has overcome the human race, and the world is dying. The time has come for the one thing untouched by man, to be touched.


1. Prologue

        I didn't want to ruin the earth. But we had too, you see. It was dying, and the only way to keep it and humans alive was to inflict it with everything our society is these days. Technology. 

       It wasn't easy either. I was part of the journey. The journey to the center of the earth. 

       I know what you're thinking . . . journey to the center? Ha, that's impossible. That's what I thought too. But, I'll let you in on a little secret . . . it's not. It's entirely possible. How do I know? 

      Because I've done it.  And this is my story.


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