touched [24 hours writing competition]

It's the year 4078. Technology has overcome the human race, and the world is dying. The time has come for the one thing untouched by man, to be touched.


8. Chapter 7.

        Well, we did pretty good. We got the side tunnel and barricaded all of us in it, all except for Fed, who had volunteered to go and dig the deeper tunnel that would catch all the rain.  

        And then it started to rain.  

        Uncle had watching the weather forecast, I'd been listening while everyone else rested. 

        At first I couldn't tell. And I'm devastated I couldn't. 

        Finally, I started to hear the steady trickle. It was quiet at first and then it grew to a roar. 

       "Fed!" I had cried, when I realized what it was. I lunged myself at the barricade to go and rescue my friend, but my Uncle held me back, tears dampening his wrinkled cheeks. 

       "We can't Mel, we can't. We can't let the water in, or we'll have the same fate." I realized he'd know what was happening. A spark of anger at my Uncle flared, then died as I mourned.

         And then, for the first time in a long time, I embraced my Uncle, sobbing into his chest. 

         "I know, I know. But we can't do anything," he whispered into my ear, his salty tears sprinkling onto my red-head. 

         "But he's our friend!" I protested, through rapid breaths, as water trickled down my freckled cheeks. 

         "This is what Fed would have wanted. He wouldn't have wanted us to die for him." But it sounded like he was trying to convince himself, more than me. 

           "A-l-alright." I sobbed. Fed and I had become close over the past couple of days, we'd both felt like outcasts, and so we'd banded together. Fed had been my only friend in years. My only friend in years. 

           And so that's how we stayed. In a tight embrace, until and after the alarms went off, and as the rain came tumbling down. 

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