touched [24 hours writing competition]

It's the year 4078. Technology has overcome the human race, and the world is dying. The time has come for the one thing untouched by man, to be touched.


6. Chapter 5.

        There wasn't much talking after the mole incident. Everyone felt bad for accusing the other and it was just to hard to not feel sorry for yourself down there. 

        So it shocked everyone when our communication phone started buzzing. Exploding. Text after text flowed down the screen. 

        The rest of us didn't give it another thought, continuing on our way, Uncle however, read through them. 

        The thing that really got us though? When Uncle stopped in the middle of the cavern and dropped the phone, paralyzed with shock. 

        Time seemed to slow as cracks danced along the screen, spreading and traveling quicker than a wildfire. But it didn't stop working.

       Time seemed to slow even more, when I reached for the small phone, long fingers closing around it. 

       I think it got the others when I turned pale. And I know I did. Who wouldn't after reading what I read? Heck, I'm surprised I didn't throw up.

       You want to know what was on that small screen? I'll tell you.

        Hundreds upon hundreds of texts and alerts filled the destroyed screen. All of them warning about the biggest rain storm of the century. 

        "Well? What is it?" Serena asked nervously, eating away at her finger nails. 

         Swallowing, to wet my suddenly dry throat, I croaked out a single word. 


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